Benefits of Edinburgh City Centre Apartments

Posted by SharonEvans on November 22nd, 2012

 Edinburgh city centre apartments provide their occupants the unique opportunity to be near the largest amounts of attractions in the city. A lot of people rent Edinburgh apartments close to the established center of the town for the express purpose of being close to where the majority of the action is. Edinburgh city centre apartments are generally more expensive than the Edinburgh apartments located in other parts of the city.

Renting Edinburgh apartments allows people to live in or near their jobs and possibly their friends or loved ones. Most people rent places that are close to the things they love to do or the people they like to be around. Renting Edinburgh city centre apartments puts people in the section of town that was first established.

This part of the city has very tight alleys and narrow streets because it was the first portion of the city to be occupied. This portion of the city is roughly a mile long and not more than three hundred yards in width.  You will find this area to still have a rather medieval look and feel about it and for some that is exactly what attracts them to this portion of town.

Edinburgh city centre apartments stand where the twin burghs of Edinburgh and Canongate were established more than six hundred and fifty years ago. For this reason this portion of the city is known as the old part of town. This makes other Edinburgh apartments that are let out be located in the new part of town. The funny part of this is the fact that the new portion of this city is actually more than two hundred years of age.

Princess Street is located in the center of this portion of the city and to the north of Princess Street is the area that is best known as the newest part of town. In this new portion all of the streets are laid out in a symmetrical fashion. The design of streets, and the width and size of streets and alleys is wider than they are in the older section of the city.

When the new part of this city was established it was supposed to house residential areas. Today this portion is less residential and is more of the hub of the entire place and most of the professional offices are located in this younger part of town. There are now far more shops, banks, offices, and professional buildings in this area than there are residences or homes.

Living in Scotland has to be one of the finest things a person can do in their lifetime. The area is amazingly beautiful and it is filled with rich culture and heritage. Choosing to live in one of the largest cities in Scotland allows individuals to have more career opportunities than living in rural settings would allow.

Edinburgh apartments that are located in the new portion of the city that is north of Princess Street are actually closer to most banks and office buildings. The Edinburgh city centre apartments have their residences closer to the tourist hotspots.

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