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Posted by juliabennet on November 22nd, 2012

Large clocks can really add up to give your rooms the ’look’ that you want. Designers nowadays are coming up with unique wall clocks as clocks are being treated as designer items. Manufacturing options are giving clock designers the opportunity to try out innovations in clock designs and hence the clock is now becoming more of a designer item than a necessity.

Unique wall clocks of all kinds are available nowadays. You can find amazing design online as well. Whether you are looking for that sleek ’corporate’ design for your office or whether you want a swanky looking one for your bedroom or studio, options are available like never before. Large clocks for the walls are being made in all shapes and sizes, using all kinds of materials. Designers worldwide are experimenting with non-conventional material as well to come up with unique ideas.

Neon clocks are one kind of unique wall clocks. They basically ’glow in the dark’ and emit a brilliant glow (as you see in the neon advertising signs). You also have large clocks made out of wood to give that unfinished look which some people have a liking towards. Many designs are available in the market which could be perfect for a children’s room. There are clocks in the shape of famous cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse, Donald duck or the more recent Benten, Naruto, etc which your children will surely drool over. These clocks look really nice in kids’ rooms and the teaching the kids’ to learn how to tell time becomes easier if the clocks used are something they will like looking at instead of a boring plain design.

Large clocks for the walls can be problematic if their mounts are not of good quality. So when you are buying a large wall clock make sure you check the mounting to ensure the clocks don’t come crashing don on the floor. Also check for their precision.

Some people like the ’vintage’ look. A large number of designs are available for sporting such a look. You have the smaller versions of the grandfather clock. Nowadays, there are some unique wall clocks which have a pendulum even though they run on batteries. So you basically avoid the trouble of having to ‘wind the clock’ yet you have the pleasure of gazing at the pendulum oscillate and get a feel of nostalgia.

If you want a minimalistic look, contemporary designs are available all over the internet. Browsing through a few images in Google will give you an idea of how this field of design is soaring. Clocks in olden days were a necessity, but nowadays with everyone carrying their time on their electronic devices like laptops, tablets, mobiles and wrist watches, large clocks have become more of a designer item than a utility item. Unique wall clocks are quite sought after as everyone is looking for ’cool’ things to spice up their home decors. Wall clocks are a good thing to use for interiors of shops, restaurants, coffee shops, etc as they have a style statement attached to them along with their utility of course.

Large clocks should be mounted carefully on walls to avoid damage by falling on the floor. Nowadays, a lot of unique wall clocks can be found online for purchasing.

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