A wall clock will never go out of fashion

Posted by juliabennet on November 22nd, 2012

New technology is giving more and more options to keep track of time and you may think ”who needs a wall clock anymore?” but somehow a wall clock is always found in every house-hold. No matter how many ways emerge for tracking time, a clock will never go out of fashion. In every indoor place, be it a hotel lobby or a railways station, airport or a coffee shop, you always find clocks in some form or the other.

A clock can be of various types. The most common ones are being mentioned in the next few lines:

You have the wall clock obviously which is most common even now, the alarm clock which is still how most of us wake up, the table clock and the mantel clock. An alarm clock is a big necessity as there is hardly anyone amongst us who wakes up ’when the sun comes up’. Nor do we have the privilege of having the rooster’s cry waking us up or birds singing to sweetly bring us to consciousness. Gone are those days. Most of us wake up to the buzzing of the alarm clock next to our beds. In fact alarm clocks are useful for reminding us of other things as well and waking us up from the afternoon siestas or untimely naps. With lifestyles changing to almost unnatural body clock patterns, without an alarm clock most of us would be quite lost!

Mantel clocks are also quite useful as they are mostly placed in a strategic place which is facing the seating arrangement. The fireplace being a place people sit around, mantel clocks are always in good viewing positions.

Table clocks are always useful as we tend to keep note of time when we are sitting on a desk either at our work places or in our study rooms. During work or study, it is always convenient to get into the right mind-frame as we are always bent for time. You know exactly how much time you have left to finish a job at hand. The best thing about a clock is the ease of viewing it. It requires nothing more than a glance. In case of a wrist watch one has to twist their wrist. In case of a mobile phone one must take it out of their pockets or pick it up and take a look as it lies around somewhere. Table or desk clocks surely save us the effort.

A wall clock is also very convenient for viewing in a room and also adds to the décor of the interiors. Glancing at wall clocks is something we do almost intuitively even when we have our wrist watches on or we are carrying our mobiles or laptops. Something about a wall clock never fails to add character to a room. This is why most interior decorators always make use of some kind of a clock. It can be integrated in the theme of the décor as wall clock are available in the most innovative designs.

Be it a Wall Clock, desk clock, mantel clock or alarm clock, everyone has at least one. Clocks can be extremely useful items to have and can never get obsolete.

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