Picking a Business PBX Provider Requires Some Thinking

Posted by AmandaTom on November 23rd, 2012

 Sure, it is good to throw out the outdated telephone system and to use the state-of-the-art hosted business PBX telephone system but what people do not realize is that just by choosing a PBX system, things are not going to be looking up for their business. They need to choose the right provider and package and also avoid the common pitfalls when doing so to ensure that their choice is going to work for the company. It is a fact that not all deployments of the ‘best business PBX’ plans are successful, so in order to prevent a fiasco you need to tread carefully and avoid making errors.

One of the most harmful mistakes that people can make in this regard is to choose a business PBX provider who is a new entrant in the arena. While it may seem to be very kind of people to give the newbies a chance but most of them are still in their teething phase and hence depend a lot on experimentation. An even worse scenario arises when these new companies who project themselves as the best business PBX providers suddenly disappear. They usually do this without any prior notice and this can be extremely devastating for the customers financially.

Thus, drop the idea of selecting a new service provider even though it may be the ‘best business PBX’ provider and make a safer choice by going with the tried-and-tested providers. Another common blunder that people make when it comes to business PBX system is that they tend to close the deal without checking if their internet connection is suitable for VoIP telephone system or not. To avoid dropped, choppy or garbled calls, ensure that your internet connection is problem-free, large and stable and you can get it examined by the provider as well. 

Thirdly, it would be wise to avoid selecting a business PBX service provider without reading the fine print which usually comprises of hidden charges or extra fees. The tag ‘best business PBX provider’ or the cheap pricing that is being advertised may look highly appealing but things are not always the way they look like. In some cases, there are a lot of strings attached and hidden costs and all of these can snowball into huge figures over a period of time. Hence, go for a provider offering unlimited calls and request for their call rates, plans and existence of hidden charges.

Whether you are selecting the best business PBX company or an average one, you should first find out their service termination charges. This is because a lot of vendors reduce their installation charges and also offer attractive pricing in exchange for long term commitments on their client’s side. Thus, you will find that these vendors have very high service termination fees, which discourages their customers from switching over to another business PBX provider. In other words, once they are in, there is no going out unless someone is particularly interested in being involved in a legal hassle. 

Selecting a business PBX provider who does not offer crucial features like Busy Lamp Field or paging could prove to be a mistake in the long run. These days, some of the best business PBX service providers are offering a whole new range of features and capabilities to offer to their clients, so why not enjoy these new features? Before you finalize things, learn about the basic features of the telephone system you have chosen, but don’t take them for granted. Take the time out to see the way the system works and check to see if the features that you want are present or not.

With so many business PBX providers it is but natural to overlook a few details and end up with an incompatible service. Everyone might claim that they are the best business PBX in the market but it is the buyer's wisdom that should protect him from the fakes.

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