IT transformation is the Key to Keeping Rhythm with Changing Times

Posted by AmandaTom on November 23rd, 2012

IT transformation is a booming field in today’s technology-driven world as large-scale businesses are looking to bring about radical changes in the way they operate to increase revenues to the maximum by using the latest technologies available. One of the main fields where this change is reflecting is in infrastructure management by the large business enterprises.

IT transformation is being undertaken by many large enterprises as people are beginning to understand the advantages of using new methods to improve efficiency and achieve better revenues from their businesses. New technologies like cloud computing and remote infrastructure management are being incorporated into the basic structure of their IT infrastructure. This holds more so for very large global businesses than for small or medium scale ones as their operations are spread over continents and hence their infrastructure management (both hardware and software) becomes much more complex. To match up to global standards and function smoothly across continents, these large enterprises are adopting the latest technologies available in the market.

Many global IT giants are functioning in the field of IT transformation as it is a very speedily growing industry. These companies offer their customers not just operational services but something more holistic comprising of all aspects from planning, designing, implementation and operations, to their optimization.What earlier was more on the lines of consultancy is now becoming a full-fledged service wherein the clients can choose the extent of transformation they want and in what fields. They are then provided a complete transformation strategy which is highly focused and driven within a particular time-frame. These companies provide their clients, a complete IT solution and its implementation is monitored and optimized at all levels by professionals.

A lot of these large businesses are taking to ‘the cloud’. This is an emerging technology which is revolutionizing infrastructure management by streamlining it. In cloud computing, the platform, the application, the services and the infrastructure is obtained via a vendor who lets the clients pay as per their usage. This helps in reducing the total IT cost for the company as the usage of resources is scalable. With 3G and 4G networks becoming the accepted networking options in most developed regions of the world and ‘being connected’ becoming a necessity, cloud computing is foreseen to be taking over the traditional IT infrastructure models very soon even in small and medium scale businesses.

Remote infrastructure management (RIM) is also being utilized by big firms now as it helps reduce the infrastructure load and increase efficiency and connectivity. With this technology, one has their entire database which may be stored over many physical storage devices, under their finger tips on their laptops, notebooks or tablets. Most large-scale businesses being functional on a global scale, this technological model is giving them a big boost as it increases flexibility while reducing overall management costs. Most companies that are opting for an IT transformation are going with this to match up to global standards and accelerating profits.

New waves in infrastructure management are being created by cloud based services. To keep pace with global standards, IT transformation is being undertaken by most large enterprises to boost their revenue and reduce IT costs.

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