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Posted by juliabennet on November 24th, 2012

Seafood consumption in the UK has risen by an average of 2% per capita in the past 35 odd years. When you consider that the population of the UK has risen in all these years you can easily surmise that the amount of seafood consumption has risen massively over all these years. People can now get fresh seafood delivery done to their homes and this has contributed to more seafood consumption. And you will also be able to surmise that this rising demand for seafood has put tremendous pressure on the fish stocks worldwide. This has given rise to the concept of sustainable fresh seafood. When you buy seafood next only buy from those that subscribe to this concept.

What is sustainable fresh seafood? To put it in simple terms this concept is all about dividing seafood into three categories. The green category is of those seafood species that are abundant in population. The orange category is of those seafood species that may lead to unsustainable supply in the near future. These species may be overfished or could be rare. The red category is of those seafood species that are illegal to fish.

The sustainable fresh seafood concept also talks about the various methods of fishing that cause an impact to the environment. Gillnetting is one of the methods of fishing that is used to catch fish species like cod, salmon and sardine. Here nets are cast and they are kept in place with weights and floats. The nets use the ocean floor for anchoring and they float on the surface of the ocean. The problem with this form of fishing is that many marine animals get tangled into the nets because they cannot see the nets. So, along with the fish many marine animals lose their lives unnecessarily.

Atlantic Herring is not the most popular seafood species in the UK but it is the most abundant fish species in the world. But there are people in the UK that love herring. The next time you opt for fresh seafood delivery you may want to try out some herring. You will love the taste and will also contribute to sustainable fresh seafood.

On the other hand species of fish that are considered endangered include Eel, Haddock, Halibut, Atlantic Cod, Atlantic Salmon, Sea Bass, Sturgeon and Bluefin Tuna. You may buy these fish species and opt for fresh seafood delivery but remember that these fish species may not be at all there in not too distant future. Bluefin Tuna is hugely popular in Japan. It is almost revered as the source of sushi but overfishing is simply killing of this species of fish. It is soon going to be something to be seen in photos if someone doesn’t do something about it soon. This is a classic example of non-sustainable fresh seafood.

If you love fish opt for fresh seafood delivery online. But remember the concept of sustainable fresh seafood and you will do some fish species a lot of favour.

Sustainable fresh seafood is the worldwide mantra now. When you opt for fresh seafood delivery ensure you buy from a seller that subscribes to this concept.

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