Combat Boots Are Not Only For The Military Today

Posted by jackbandy on November 24th, 2012

The types of military boots worn during actual combat in land and in air are called combat boots.  You can also see them worn during ceremonial parades and other military activities.  Boots including the USAF boots have been designed from many years ago up to these modern days to provide grip, foot protection, and ankle stability combined together to suit a rugged environment.  Traditionally, these boots are made of sometimes waterproofed and hardened leather, but other materials like cordura and suede are now being used as well.
While combat boots are designed originally for soldiers who are fighting for our country, more and more people find them durable and comfortable enough to use for everyday wear.  So the boots such as USAF boots have become a popular part of our culture.  Men up to 30 years old and above, and young teenagers consider these boots as an essential part of their wardrobe.  Some styles come up with different colors and styles just like designer jeans.  These can be found in boots that have a cut-off version and also in high top boots.  Most men dress up their boots with jeans and long sleeved, white t-shirts, or just a plain colored t-shirt with ripped jeans.
USAF boots are available in various brands like Altama, Rocky, Corcoran, Converse, Belleville, Danner Tactical Research. Wellco, Bates, and other well known and popular brands.  These boots are made originally for the airmen and airwomen who are serving the United States and always keep the skies clear, safe and sound.  These combat boots” offer many features options such as steel safety toe, soft toe, composite safety toe, waterproofed, Gore Tex, insulated, side zipper, and cold or hot weather.  These boots are approved by the US Air Force and designed to be worn with the ABU (Airman Battle Uniform).
It seems to some people that high cut combat boots and USAF boots are too tall to be used in hiking.  But the fact is that the high leg boots are a must in any rugged activity.  They provide you with greater lower leg and ankle support than what the short-legged boots do.  When you are hiking, and you are wearing the proper boots, you will be protected from stumbling and twisting your ankle while carrying a heavy back load. Combat boots are fairly heavy and they are very warm.  They are designed to be worn in various environments and in different applications; they are not specialized to perform a single activity.
You may be in a certain line of work that requires using boots throughout your day.  If you participate in job duties that are high impact, you may need a comfortable paid of boots where you will be given cushion and stability while working. When purchasing a pair of boots, remember that there are a variety of military boots  you can choose from, and many of them can be bought online.  You can also find them in military surplus stores in your place.  The things that you should consider in buying these boots are traction, insole comfort and ankle support.

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