Meet Rodney, a chunky, blue-green hamster who has become the most popular villager in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, so that 3,668 people have invested enough Animal Crossing Nook miles Ticket to participate in the entire group competition , Just for "Rodney villagers who hate the animal world" to cross. "

Rodney is one of the 397 villagers who may sneak into the player's island throughout the game. R/FuckRodney Reddit's tens of thousands of gamers in the Reddit community would rather burn this toothed rodent than give him one of the 10 attractions in a tropical island paradise.

"My idea is to make a joke with friends who started with Animal Crossing Direct to make subreddit," Oliver, one of the co-founders of subreddit, told Inverse. "‘Damn, Rodney looks like a chubby donkey hat!' or something similar. Most of my friends hate Rodney."

Oliver started subreddit with a close friend after seeing their big head necrosis during Animal Crossing Direct on February 20. Rodney appeared in this 28-minute speech, which took 18 minutes and 8 seconds. This is a situation where a potential resident visited the player's camp. He tenderly called himself on vacation and said that he "just relax and concentrate on doing something." We will never learn anything, but this is definitely in line with his "smug" personality type.

A few days later, Oliver and close friend Matt (Mat) formed r/FuckRodney, shared the meme and other jokes about dunking in the hamster, and expressed a common hatred for Rodney.

As of May 21, nearly 3,700 Redditors have joined the anti-Rodney organization to share their love for villagers who hate complacent villagers.

They are not afraid to let Rodney and the Internet know how much they despise him.

Members of FuckRodney posted screenshots, building roadblocks around Rodney’s house, and videos of them torturing small animals. (Don’t worry, the worst you can do during animal crossing is to pat someone’s face with a net.) The purpose of such actions is to allow Rodney to leave the island to make room for “fantasy”, or People who are highly sought after by villagers, such as the cat of Raymond, some players buy Buy Animal Crossing Bells. If you don’t have enough bells and don’t know how to choose a reliable website to buy bells, you can visit IGGM and maybe find satisfactory products.