Why Wear gold snake rings and emerald eternity ring for your special occasion?

Posted by AmandaTom on November 26th, 2012

Snakes symbolize eternity in many cultures  and stand for good luck. This is the reason they stand as a symbol of long-lasting relationship. Entwined gold snake rings are especially popular in the Victorian era as a snake designed engagement ring was worn by Queen Victoria. Diamond eternity rings have a special place traditionally, but emerald eternity rings are increasingly becoming popular compared to their colorless counterparts.

The unique thing about gold snake rings is that they have been worn by folks since ancient times. These rings stood as symbols of eternity. One of the main reasons behind this symbol is a snake eating its own tail. Such an image was called Ouroboros. With so much importance surrounding serpentine rings, it makes perfect sense to embrace snake rings into special occasions like courtship. Using opal gemstone or emerald is a good way to add more class and value to such gold rings.

You could be using gold snake rings or opal gold rings with a circle. A typical circle stands for perfection in ancient symbolization. A ring without any beginning or end would be a representation of the universe as it stood for the sun and the moon. Even though it is not necessary that you believe in such conceptions, there is no harm in considering the goodness of an ideal life represented by your ring. In case you are not specifically fond of gold, you have other options such as silver, white gold, sterling silver and rose gold.

The best way to make a diamond ring stand out from the crowd is to pair it with an elegant eternity ring. Even though an increasing number of consumers are looking for even more style while remaining within a limited budget, emerald eternity ring has come to become a popular choice that meets this requirement. Emerald makes great choice because they work well with all types of precious metals such as yellow gold, white gold and other precious metals.

When emerald eternity ring is set in yellow gold, it would emanate a rich warmth through the combination of dazzling green hues placed against the richer yellow background. Additionally, emerald also works great with white gold and other types of white precious metals including platinum. White metals especially create a strong contrast against the darker green shades in emerald rings.

Affordability is the next factor that makes emerald eternity ring so much popular among the masses. As compared to their diamond counterparts, the emerald rings are available at just a fraction of the overall cost. This is the reason most consumers find it highly economical to own the same elegance and precious metal setting at a lower price without the need for sacrificing on elegance. In addition, this also means that as these rings are more affordable, one can purchase more elaborate designs, shapes and sizes.

Start searching online and you can find a larger variety of emerald eternity ring at highly affordable pricing. Online jewellery stores can help offer special prices to their customers.

There are many positive symbols associated with wearing gold snake rings. Explore the website given here to check some of the most elegant designs in gold and emerald eternity ring.

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