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Posted by SharonEvans on November 27th, 2012

Designers from across the globe work hard to meet the requirements of their clients for women suits dedicated to special occasions like going to church on Sundays or to the Christmas and Easter high masses. African American women above all have the conscience of the solemnity that such events are supposed to transmit and are not only asking for modern and elegant suits, but also want to be sure, months in advance that those outfits will be available for them on the chosen date.

The history of women church suits is not new. Women, more than men, consider going to church as a special event in their life. As special events require special outfits, it is understandable why the demand of women suits dedicated to this particular kind of occasions is so important. Among women, African American women are a category of persons who want to glow when they go to church. And they do not spare any effort, including financial, when it comes to their presence in church.

Women suits designed mainly for such occasions are shining, but are at the same time sober. They are associated with a series of accessories and often include glamorous hats in all forms, colours and sizes. Hats are indispensable for the outfits of African American women especially.

It seems that everything began with the pastor’s wife who, as a first lady of her church, was expected to set the tone in fashion for her congregation. No lady of the community was supposed to look finer than that lady. This continuous competition between the ladies of the community led to a higher and higher demand of elegant, fashionable women suits.

African American women would never accept to go before God in clothes they wear every day and therefore they choose new women church suits for such events. Skirts, trousers, jackets, long dresses, blouses, all these have to be made using the best materials, by the most skilled designers. Hats are very important for women’s outfits. Black women, for example, would hardly accept to attend church without wearing a hat, as this is an ancient custom. Hats have to be as flamboyant as possible, to draw the attention of the others members of the community. In their conception, the hat is a symbol and cannot be absent.

Designers do not have an easy life with the ever growing claims of their customers. They have to continuously search for new, appealing materials supposed to add value to their creations. They also have to invent new cuts meant to satisfy the most exacting requirements. It is a complicated life and a sharp competition. They have to tempt their potential customers with new eye catching materials and distinguished models of suits in order to secure their position on the market.

The demand for women suits is always high, but there is also an important segment of the market asking for modern, elegant women church suits.

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