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Posted by jackbandy on November 27th, 2012

Once your asphalt driveways Melbourne are complete, the next thing is to ensure that it is well maintained.When maintaining your driveway, asphalt is the best especially when deciding materials to use. The better you maintain your driveways, the more you save your money.The oil leaks in custom asphalt driveways can be irritating and make the surface slippery. The best way of cleaning you driveway is to use green products. This article is aimed at giving guidelines on how to clean asphalt driveways. It further provides important tips on how to repair the driveways. Finally, the article gives guidelines on how to select the right sealer at local area.
The best way of maintaining your driveway is to apply custom asphalt sealing. The process should be done at least once a year. When small cracks and holes start appearing, the driveway required sealing to avoid creating chunks. The process is done better during dry season. Sealing asphalt driveways Melbourne during wet weather, it will make further damages. The first step in the sealing process is cleaning the driveway.  Use the broom to sweep off dirt, leaves and dust. Ensure that crevices weeds and plants are dealt with before moving to the next step. If there is oil spills and stains, ensure that you completely wash them off.
After sweeping off, use pressure washer to clean the driveway with sufficient water. If you decide to use pressure washer, ensure that it is kept at low pressure. For acids, do not use pressure washers as this will destroy both pressure washer and asphalt driveways Melbourne. This machine will save your time and money. Once you have done cleaning thoroughly, wait the surface to dry completely before jumping to the next step. If custom asphalt sealing is done on wet surface, it will never perform better.
The sealing depends on the type of cracks and crevices on yourasphalt driveways Melbourne. For small cracks, rubberized emulsion sealer can do better. When sealing ensure that there is no contact between the driveway surface and the filler. Smoothening is done using the putty knife. After smoothening, allow the surface to dry. On the other side, large cracks require blacktop which is cold.  When purchasing the cold blacktop, the packets have some instructions. Follow the guidelines strictly when applying the blacktop. You can use plywood plank to flatten the custom asphalt surface.
After filling the cracks, apply appropriate sealer. It is recommended to apply 2 layers of a sealer instead one thick one. Start the sealing from one end to another. The second layer should be applied in opposite manner. When you reach at edges, use the paint brush to seal the edges. Try to spread the sealer using the squeegee.Before going for the second sealer, wait for the first layer top dry first. The process become easier and full of fun when it is done by experienced person. When choosing the best custom asphaltcontractor; ensure that they use appropriate equipments and materials.

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