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Posted by adairsawyer on November 27th, 2012

Clip in extensions and coloured contact lenses are two innovative products that women (sometimes men also) use whenever they want to change their looks instantly.  Many celebrities, when attending red carpet events, use either any of these products or both if they want to look different for the usual and even for a short time.  People who have thinning hair and needs extra volume use this type of hair extension, and also those who only want to have fun.

Clip in extensions are cheaper than the traditional method of hair extensions.  They are easy to apply and require very low maintenance.  If you want to add length, volume or colour to your hair, this item is your best option.  You attach this to your head through the use of clips that are pressure-sensitive.  This product is damage-free, unlike the permanent process using glue, which can break your hair strands.  Sometimes, the traditional process can result in loss of hair.  Extensions that you just clip-in to your own hair last longer than other methods!

Applying the clip in extensions takes only a few minutes, so if you are going somewhere and want to add length to your hair instantly, this can be easily done.  No practice or experience is required in the application.  The extension can be purchased in multiple pieces or just 1 piece, which is ideal for beginners because it is the simplest to attach.  Multiple piece hair extensions, say 8-piece or 10-piece need that you have some practice.  You can have different widths in multiple piece extensions, plus styling versatility.

Like the hair extensions, coloured contact lenses also allow you to change your look, particularly the color of your eyes. This item can enhance your everyday look – from bold to subtle, and a special look for the holidays or a special event.  This contact lens is available in either plano form or prescription.  You wear a prescription coloured contact lenses to correct your nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism; you wear it also to change your eye colour.  The plano form contact lense is worn only for cosmetic purposes, and not to correct defects in your vision.

Choosing the colour of both the coloured contact lenses  and clip-in hair extensions are dependent on several factors, such as your personality, skin tone, hair colour, colour of your iris, and if there is a particular appearance that you desire to achieve:  natural looking and subtle, or daring and dramatic.

Both products need to be cared for in order for them to last longer.  The contact lenses should not be exchanged with friends, or allowed to be used by others.  You can let your friends borrow your hair extensions, especially if for use in theatrical purposes.  It would be better if you choose to buy human hair extensions, so you can wash and clean it after it has been borrowed.  The human hair may cost more than synthetic, but the quality and durability is worth the price.

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