Differentiating Between A Ninja And A Samurai Sword

Posted by juliabennet on November 27th, 2012

To a layman, a Ninja and a Samurai sword might look one and the same but for an experienced sword enthusiast or collector, the two are poles apart. One thing that is common between the two distinct weapons is that both of them are highly popular and very much in vogue. Also, these two swords have managed to capture the interest and fascination of weapon collectors from all possible corners of the world. While both of them can be classified as weapons, they represent two different philosophies and cultures so much so that their users are completely different too.

A look at the history of the Samurai sword would reveal that these were the primary weapons of the Samurai. Samurai can be described as an elite warrior who hailed from ancient feudal Japan. These were highly respected by the entire community in Japan back then and they served mostly the people hailing from royal backgrounds. Samurais were well-respected and they represented duty, honor and pride. Ninjas on the other hand are different from Samurais not just in terms of swords but also the purpose that they were meant to serve. For a ninja, a blade was meant for practical purpose meaning combats. 

Given the fact that Ninjas just use their swords for fighting purpose and that there are no ornamental insignias on it whatsoever, it is very apparent that its price is going to be lower than that of a Samurai sword. However, one can find modern Ninja sabers which are crafted to exude perfection and opulence, solely for display purpose of course. A genuine or authentic Ninja blade is always shorter than its Samurai counterpart. This is because Ninjas carry the blades on their bodies and are required to contort into odd positions. Hence a shorter weapon facilitates this movement.

Back in those days, it took several months for a swordsmith to make a Samurai sword. Along with time, a lot of effort and high quality raw materials also went into the making of such a weapon. When you are holding a Samurai blade made of high-carbon steel then you can be sure that it is an authentic one. Samurai swords were symbols representing the position and status of the Samurais using them. Likewise, when you bring home one or more of these beauties, they would work as a status symbol for you too not to mention the priceless charm that it would add to the room.

When compared, the most obvious difference between a Samurai blade and a Ninja is the fact that the Ninja sword is straight-edged while the other is curvy. Since the Ninjas used their swords in stabbing motions they have to be straight in order to provide more stealth and power when used. Even the blades aren’t made from high carbon steel like the Samurai. Another difference between the two is that the Samurais are ambidextrous when it comes to using the sabers but Ninjas used theirs only with one hand, so the two weapons are designed keeping this fact in mind.

On acquiring an authentic Ninja sword, you will notice that its scabbard or cover is longer than the actual weapon itself. This is so because back in the days Ninjas required extra room in their scabbards in order to store poisons or tiny weapons. Some authentic Ninja swords feature scabbards whose cap can be removed to enable multi-tasking as a breathing device when the Ninjas are hiding underwater in streams, lakes, river or ponds. Thus, if you are looking for a fierce rapier, then go with the Ninja but if you want something sophisticated and prestigious then it is the Samurai that you should opt for.

Amongst the variety of swords two categories which are truly popular and regarded respectfully the world over are the Ninja and Samurai. While the Ninja sword is designed with combat in mind, the Samurai possesses a timeless charm which is difficult to match and hence renders a touch of royalty to the weapon.

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