How To Purchase Authentic Swords Online

Posted by juliabennet on November 27th, 2012

Thanks to the advent of the internet and online shopping, even sword enthusiasts seem to have benefitted from this facility. The feeling that they experience when they see the abundance of swords for sale online is equivalent to the feeling a child gets when he/she visits a candy store. It is very easy to find these weapons for sale online because the virtual world is brimming with such items, both authentic and ornamental. If you are looking for authentic replica items instead of cheap imitation or useless sabers then it can be a bit of a difficult task because you need to conduct a more thorough research.

A lot of people are unaware of the fact that one can purchase a real sword online, not just the ones that are used as ornaments to adorn a wall. These are genuine weapons that can actually slice through things when one swings it in the air. If this is the type of product that you are looking to purchase then you could look up for it by using keywords like ‘functional’ or ‘battle-ready swords’ to help you fetch more relevant results. Be careful though because not all sellers can be trusted, some can even provide you with a replica and term it as an authentic piece.

If you are interested in acquiring a real sword then it is imperative that you should familiarize yourself with the characteristics of real swords first. First things first, real blades aren’t made from stainless steel but rather from high carbon steel, so this should be checked. Secondly, authentic blades are heat treated, which means that they would neither be too soft nor too brittle, they would have just the right amount of flexibility and sturdiness. You can also look for the ‘full tang’ in the rapier meaning the blade should go right into the handle and then forged instead of the handle being welded onto it later.

When purchasing online swords for display purposes, it would be helpful to check all of its details first. You should pay close attention particularly to two details namely weight of the sword and its length. For instance, if the weight is around four pounds then try to hold up something elongated in shape that weighs four pounds to get the gist of the actual weight of the weapon. As for the length and other measurements, simply cut out a mock-blade from a cardboard using the measurements provided to you and pin it to the wall to see how the real thing would look when displayed.

There are lots of customers who have complained about having bad experiences when purchasing swords online. The truth is that this doesn’t apply only to such weapons only - online shopping in general can prove to be dissatisfactory when carried out in an incorrect manner. There are umpteen websites offering almost the same type of blades or rapiers, therefore in order to ensure that the sword that you have chosen is a good one, you should check the credibility of the website. Also try to look for testimonials of its past customers to see what they have to say about the website’s products.

When buying swords online, especially the authentic ones which come with a fairly heavy price tag, one should do so only from websites which have a return policy. This would enable you to send the product back and have your cash refunded in case you do not like the product. There are some top notch sword shops on the World Wide Web, so you can explore around and make some comparisons before zeroing in on one shop. Some of these websites would even offer free shipping along with their authentic blades although policies of charging extra for it may vary from one provider to another.

Like everything else in the world it is possible even to purchase swords on the Internet courtesy of the wide choice that is available. The only caution in this regard entails ensuring that the sword which is purchased is genuine and conforms to the details mentioned on the website.

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