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Posted by adairsawyer on November 28th, 2012

Yes we did mention that these hair extensions require little maintenance but we also said that a little love and caring can make these hair extensions go a long way. We are going through some rather simple methods to look after your new found love, the nail accessories which make you the centre of attention. Now which girl or woman on this planet wouldn’t like accolades and praises pouring in for the trends she sets or the lovely hair do, even for make and clothes or the sexy coloured contact lenses she sports?

1) Contrary to popular belief, hair extensions do need shampoo to keep their condition healthy. After all we are using human hair and not just wigs. Hence we need to look after them just as we would look after our own natural hair. Using shampoo of mild nature is required here. A slightly acidic shampoo works wonders on these extensions as they keep away the dirt which might have built up. Dirt makes them thick and rough which might give away as they make the extensions look fake. Conditioners are to be applied to those areas of the scalp where the extensions are placed to prevent slipping of the extensions. And that was about managing the hair extensions, but have you thought about how nail accessories can make your fingers look sexy?

2) Wet extensions are the best extensions as this is the time to make them get them combed with a comb having widely spaced teeth. Try to avoid getting them entangled and stretched as this would lead to dulling of the extensions and also possibly making them frizzy. Air drying the hair is a good option and knowing the limits pays off as bouncy hair is imminent. Your nail accessories would keep your nails in shape and those rugged nails wouldn’t tear off your hair anymore.

3) Hair extensions are particularly sensitive to UV light and hence exposure to UV light is to be kept to a minimum. Also chemicals have a high possibility of damaging your hair and they are to be avoided if you want to enjoy your follicle glory. And if you have the right coloured contact lenses worn in the sun, remember to choose branded ones that protect your eyes too.

4) Yes the right material while sleeping is also an important factor. Sleeping with satin pillowcases or a scarf is the best for your hair as cotton is known to dry them and make the ends split up. Remember to remove your coloured contact lenses before you sleep girls!!

5) Moisturisers can also be used to keep the hair smooth. Use non oily bases for best results and also you can try consulting your hair expert for using the right substances. And remember, nail accessories include nail oils for massage which makes the skin around the nails soft.

6) Finally be gentle with your hair extensions. They are not your natural hair and hence you can't expect them to be as hard as natural hair. Braids or tight twists can only cause more damage especially if your hair is wet.

You can also try talking with our experts about nail accessories and coloured contact lenses today.

Coloured contact lenses and nail accessories are home-made solutions to enhance your looks.

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