Hosted eCommerce - A Hassel-free Solution for your Online Business

Posted by Holbi on November 29th, 2012

eCommerce platforms have multiplied with the rise in its popularity. In the same way, the eCommerce industries have also seen phenomenal growth. For instance, bespoke eCommerce technology makes online businesses not only smarter to manage, but also eliminates sales and transaction errors. To help businesses recover their investments faster, eCommerce solution providers have developed strategies, which give these businesses a broader reach. Among one of the several benefits of hosted eCommerce solutions, is that this liberates a business from its local server.

A number of eCommerce friendly facilities are offered through bespoke eCommerce packages. Bespoke website design, automated product up-gradation, inventory management and invoicing are some of the common advantages of using bespoke solutions. As a much preferred eCommerce platform, it offers better customer management and several plug-ins to maximise your earnings from the website. Besides, these platforms are already optimised for search engines so businesses using them get higher ranks.

There are several advantages of a shared eCommerce solution. First, it allows businesses to do need-based changes to the website from any location. At a minor monthly rental, users can access newer hosting versions. With advanced hosting features like cloud website hosting, companies focus on developing their eCommerce site and business model without worrying about domains and servers.

eCommerce hosting services constantly work to maintain and upgrade their servers so that at no point is a client website affected by common server problems. Servers are monitored at all times for ensuring the security of eCommerce sites. A lot of accounts are allowed for each server so that multiple users can maintain the site. All this is done without sacrificing on the speed and performance.

Apart from easy and safe access to users, hosted eCommerce solutions offer quality services at exceptionally low prices. They can either ask for monthly charges or go for yearlong servicing at a pre-fixed budget. This makes the employment of web masters redundant. The only way an eCommerce site can ensure that customers are getting what they want is by choosing a reputed service provider. Hence hosted sites have a better chance at amassing web traffic consistently. Hundreds of bespoke eCommerce solutions provide hosting services for online businesses. The best way to gain inside knowledge of their services and prices, you can contact them through their support emails or fill up a contact form on their website.

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This article is written by Vadym Gurevych who holds a Masters of Software Development degree from Kharkiv National Technical University (Ukraine) and has been creating commercial software products for businesses for 15 years. Currently he is the Managing director at Holbi. Holbi is the trading name of DataLink UK Ltd. They believe in online sales and specialise in providing bespoke & b2b ecommerce solutions to small and medium businesses from all over the world. Besides these Holbi also offers ecommerce consulting services.

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