Things To Know About Your Car Catalytic Converter

Posted by Vortexexhaust on December 1st, 2012

A catalytic converter is an exhaust device which minimises the volume of harmful emission from your car. The device is fitted beneath your car and breaks down toxic compounds into harmless compounds and makes your vehicle eco-friendly. You can substantially extend the life of your car engine by periodically servicing your catalytic converters. When you install a converter, you ensure higher fuel efficiency and improved car performance. As a result, your vehicle maintenance costs go down. According to recent automobile regulations, it is mandatory to buy catalytic converter.

A catalytic converter works on basic principals. It uses heat and fuel to trigger a chain of reactions that both help propel the car and produce a mass of unusable waste products. As soon as you turn the car key, the fuel in the engine goes onto combustion which helps you start the car. This produces a lot of hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide, among other gases. At this point, the converter device cleanses the harmful chemical waste and releases them outside. These car fumes do not damage the environment and your car conforms to carbon footprint norms. Some of the best converters are coated with platinum and palladium cells which changes fuel wastes into carbon dioxide, water vapour and oxygen.

With the right devise you can reduce the carbon footprint to as much as 33 percent. There are many catalytic converters available, and you must choose one that is compatible to your vehicle. These should ideally operate within a temperature range of 350 to 400 degrees. Make sure you fit it near the engine head so that it is able to use the engine heat effectively. According to European Emission Control Legislation, all cars come under the purview of emission regulations – racing cars, 4x4, taxis and normal road cars. A catalytic device makes your car clear the emission tests.

To buy a catalytic converter, you can browse through the internet for reputed exhaust devices. You can get them for every brand of car running on both petrol and diesel engines. Before you order them online, you must check for a few things. A stainless steel body makes sure that the device is durable and won’t require replacement every 20,000 miles. Also, there are some leading brands which sell these with a warranty of 2 to 3 years. Look through models and request quotes. The best part of ordering them online is that you get the entire thing delivered within a short while.

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