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As a core member of the Alliance of car networking

Posted by stinlessmufa on June 8th, 2020

April 18 news, car infotainment and car networking software platform vendors, stainless steel screws home depotrecently announced to join the vehicle networking Consortium (CCC), the organization to promote the innovation of the mobile phone, car networking solutions. Car networking alliance dedicated to global cross-industry co-operation to connect the development MirrorLink standard for smart phones car.    QNX developers to provide car infotainment software platform and proud, the platform supports the HTML5 many industry standard and innovation. As a core member of the Alliance of car networking, QNX Software Systems contact the the development MirrorLink specification, as well as MirrorLink Working Group. In addition, QNX Software Systems will be able to support and promote research and development of relevant standards based on the QNX system the future MirrorLink standard.    

Chairman and CEO of car networking alliance MikaRytkonen: QNX Software Systems, Inc. in the development of automotive infotainment technology play a critical role, we are very pleased to welcome their car networking alliance organization, or For entire MirrorLink ecosystem, QNX is undoubtedly a valuable contributor. "    The world's most famous car brands QNXCAR ™ application platform for the development of high connection, scalable multimedia host, hands-free system, the digital instrument cluster, the connection module, three-dimensional navigation systems and other vehicle information entertainment products. More than 100 million cars worldwide use QNX Software Systems.   Automotive Product Marketing Manager, said: "adhere to the QNX provides automotive customers with more choice and flexibility, and help them to applications that best meet their needs, technology, and join the vehicle networking alliance to help us practice this commitment. MirrorLink is the leading standard for the automotive industry, we are very honored to be able to join the vehicle networking alliances, and promote the development of this standard. "    Vehicle networking alliance dedicated to cross-sectoral cooperation for smart phones and car connection the development MirrorLink global standards and solutions. Vehicle networking alliance of members of the global automotive, mobile communications and consumer electronics industry's leading companies.   

 In vehicle technology test line to promote the use of image capture system, to achieve all-round supervision of the operation of vehicle inspection and implementation of maintenance operations full video recording, and effectively curb the various types of violations, Main products: car DVD player and car dvd , are with good quality.to ensure that the vehicle technology, passenger vehicles and dangerous goods transport vehicle maintenance enterprises situation to achieve a safe driving standard.  With the development and growth of China's automobile industry, the emerging concept of the vehicle networking is quietly rising. Expected following the Internet of Things, "vehicle networking" has become another sign of the future smart cities.

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