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How to judge new and old tea?

Posted by naturalpuerh on June 8th, 2020

Healthy lose weight pu-erh puer tea from Yunnan.
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puer tea is a type of fermentation tea,has been loved by the majority of female compatriots,Puerh tea can help warm stomach ,lower blood lipids,refreshing,detoxification,digestion,longevity and other effects.meanwhile,puerh tea in addition to the charactistics of beverages,it has the same collection of cultural relics,more old time ,the more scare the higher value.

I believe many people who love tea will know that Puerh tea is divided into new tea and old tea, and according to different people's hobbies, new tea and Chen tea will also become treasures of different people. Which of new tea and old tea is better? How to distinguish? What kind of Puerh tea is worth collecting? This is a problem that many tea friends will encounter when drinking tea. The following editor will take everyone to understand it one by one.

  1. How to distinguish Puerh old tea and new tea?

   (1). Look at the color.

   The types of tea are different, and the color is different. For example, fresh green tea is emerald green and yellow, and old green tea will turn yellow and dull; Lapsong small species are generally black and moist, and old tea will become brown; the color of new oolong tea is green with red, so-called " "Green leaves red border", but the old green oolong tea gradually reduced to brown. This is because the longer the tea is stored, the pigment in the tea will gradually change into other substances when it comes into contact with light and oxygen, resulting in a color change.

  (2). Taste.

   The new tea is fragrant and mellow at the entrance, has sweetness, and the taste is relatively strong. Old tea tastes light and can't stand brewing. The reason is that tea contains certain esters. After being oxidized in the air, it produces certain aldehydes that are easily volatile and some substances that are incompatible with water, resulting in the difference between old and new tea.

   (3). Look at the shape.

   Tea with bright strips, uniform size, thickness, and uniform length is the top grade; strips with dull, irregular appearance, and even tea leaves with tea stems are the bottom grade. In addition, the surface of the new tea will generally have white "fine hairs".

(4). Wet and dry.

  Tighten the tea leaves with your fingers, the new tea must be dry enough, so as to be resistant to storage, and old tea has a high humidity and is prone to mold and mold after a long time.

  2. Which is better, old tea or new tea?

  The new Puerh raw tea is just the Puerh tea just made, there is no fermentation, there will be a bitter taste at the entrance, but the good Puerh tea is raw, with some years, it is natural to return to sweetness. The new Puerh tea raw tea is "non-fermented tea", so the entrance will not be too "sticky", that is, between the mouth and the tongue, because it is thick, it feels very thick, and it is easy to produce a "thick" feeling. The "thickness" of tea refers to the touch and penetration of Puerh tea soup on the tongue and mouth.

   The taste of the new Puerh raw tea is bitter because the proportion of catechins is high and it cannot be produced quickly. The faster the age of Puerh tea is, the better the quality of Puerh tea is. Puerh raw tea soup with deep throat and short bitterness, under certain temperature and concentration conditions, the chest will have an unusually warm feeling after drinking. High-quality Puerh tea raw tea smells in proportion to the degree of aroma of the drink. The aroma is exuded from the throat after drinking, and it can be very clear for a long time.

The view that "the fresher the tea is, the better" is a misunderstanding. Not only is Puerh raw tea unsuitable for "renovation", even green tea does not need to be fresh to the point where it is freshly harvested. As the new tea has just been picked, it has a short storage time and contains more unoxidized polyphenols, aldehydes and alcohols. These substances have a strong stimulating effect on the gastrointestinal mucosa. For the poorer people, if they drink this new tea in large quantities, it is easy to cause stomach problems and stomach bleeding.

   Therefore, not all teas are as fresh as possible. Drinking new tea is still relaxing.

  3. What kind of Puerh tea is worth collecting?

   For a person who sells tea, understands tea, and drinks tea, it is natural to save tea. Today, the price of many old teas is already sky high. Old teas involve issues such as channels, authenticity, and storage, which often leave many people out of reach. But there are still many tea lovers who will collect some of their favorite Puerh green tea.

What kind of Puerh tea is worth keeping? Many tea friends have the hobby of collecting good tea, which allows them to have low-cost old tea in the future, or it can be an investment. A good tea, the choice of materials determines the characteristics of the tea, whether it is ancient tree tea, whether it is first spring or two water, three water tea. These should be paid attention to when selecting materials. But it doesn't mean that good tea will definitely rise quickly.

   The new tea has bitterness at the entrance, and it needs years of washing and aging to become a good tea. Some well-selected teas win at the starting line, but after a few years, the bitterness has not receded, and the conversion is very slow. This is the tea with insufficient aging potential.

How to judge the aging potential of a new tea? If you taste more tea, you will find that some of the teas are very similar to the teas you used to drink. You can even judge how long the tea has been aged and how this tea will be transformed next. In fact, if you drink more tea, you will understand the transformation of various teas.

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