Early Morning Exercises You Can Do While On The Go

Posted by Golden on August 14th, 2010

It is not unusual to feel so frazzled that you sometimes let days or even weeks go by without fitting in a workout.  Lack of regular exercise not only leaves you feeling weak and fatigued, it may increase your health risks and will even find those your unwanted inches creeping in on you. The solution is to find a way of fitting in fitness into your life.


If you cannot dedicate an hour a day right now you can still be in shape if you do the barest minimum. If you do a 10 minute work out in the morning what you have is more than three 20 minute workouts in a week. Calculate these work out for a year and it will not only boost your health but can give you a five pound weight loss. Start your day with these six upper and lower body toning exercises.


Ho to do it:

Upper: 1. stand with your feet slightly apart. Bend from waist to the right, arms stretched out as far as it could go. Repeat to the left.

2. Lift up two arms as if you are flying.

3. Lower: lunge with right leg in front. Change to the left leg

4. Lie on your back and ride a bicycle.

5. Put your legs under bed and sit up.

6. sitting down, touch your toes for the last stretch. Done.


?perform one set of 20 repetition of each exercise, taking about one minute for each move and avoid pausing between exercises. Do this workout every day.

?.on days when you slightly have more time do two or three sets of the moves. Or get your heart rate up by marching or jogging in place for 30 seconds to one minute between exercises.

?modify this workout to march your fitness level. Follow the recommended move or adapt them as needed to make time easier or more challenging.

What you need is your body out of bed and ten free minutes.


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