Night vision goggles- An essential component of the soldier?s equipment

Posted by vijayvinson on December 2nd, 2012

Every soldier must be equipped properly, especially if he is part of the United States Army. The nett warrior is an essential component, mainly used in special combat operations. It represents an awareness system which allows soldiers to make a proper and faster decision while being in a tactical fight. Having this nett warrior in their system, soldiers can share useful information from one another and the leaders can be able to save them from being killed. Another important component is represented by the night vision goggles. They are some important optical instruments which allow soldiers to see in total darkness. Night vision goggles are especially used by law enforcement and military agencies and civilians, as well. Their structure includes the following components: a protective water-resistant housing, an image intensifier tube, a kind of mounting system, IR illuminators and telescopic lenses. These special devices were used first time in World War II and their use was improved during the Vietnam War. Since then, technology has improved considerably and this thing led to the appearance of several types of night vision goggles, also known as night optical device.

The nett warrior system has the ability to generate a graphic display regarding the position of the leader, which can be seen on digital map. It is usually connected to a safe radio system that transmits messages from a net warrior to another. This type of information is very helpful when it comes to make a crucial decision for the next move and also, it helps soldiers to understand the situation in which they are involved. In this way, the leader can fully understand, see and interact with his soldiers in every particular mission.

In this section of the article, I will discuss about the generations of night vision goggles which were available on the market. The first two armies which used these devices were the German and the United States. Their main purpose was continuing fighting after dark. The Generation 0 of night vision goggles was designed by the United States. In order to capture an image, these devices used a large infrared illuminator. They were mainly used during the Korean War. The first generation of night vision goggles have been used in Vietnam War and functioned only in the presence of a light source. In order to get a full image, the moonlight was necessary.

The second generation of night vision goggles has increased the quality of light amplification and they were used even during moonless nights. Moreover, these devices had more effective intensifier tubs, optics and resolution. These new characteristics contributed into increasing their performance into total darkness. The devices from the 3rd generation are very popular in law enforcement application. This generation brought an increasing performance concerning the image resolution, light amplifications and intensifier tubes. The last generation of night vision goggles also generated an increased performance and function. These devices have become a mandatory component in night time security and marine functions. Moreover, the hunters are able to track animals in the darkness.

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