5 ways to make attorney websites special

Posted by adairsawyer on December 2nd, 2012

Although you would, in all probability, hire a lawyer web design to design your website it often pays when you are aware of certain things that make good attorney websites. Almost every lawyer website will have some standard layout and content and there is a good reason for this. Adhere to the standards and add some extra zing to your website and you should have a nice website to sport.

Given below are five ways attorney websites can be made to look special. When you discuss the designing of your website with a lawyer web design you should pay emphasis on these points. This is not to say that these points are all inclusive. There are many more elements you should look at. But you should never refrain from using these five points mentioned below.

Say what value you can offer to your customers

Explaining what you can do for your website visitors should be the top priority when it comes to your website design. Your lawyer web design partner will spend hours with you on this point. The faster you can satisfy the needs of your customers the quicker they will sign up. And it is easy to achieve this with proper design.

Use graphics for content and not for decoration

Graphics and videos shouldn’t be used on attorney websites just for the sake of decoration. The images should communicate what you can do. The videos should have you speaking to your potential customers. Use them as substitutes for text content.

Use less of ads

Visitors to websites are very selective and they know what they are looking for. Anything that looks as an advertisement tends to disrupt their thought process and irritate them. Your lawyer web design partner should be told to avoid designs that look like ads. Banners, animations and pop ups should be avoided as much as possible.

Changing the colors of links

Visitors to attorney websites like to know which links they have visited and which they haven’t. Sadly only one-third of all homepages have different colors for visited links. It is highly irritating for a visitor to click a link and see that they have been there before. Hence, it is absolutely important that you have these distinctions made.

Include all updates on your website homepage

Many people think that there are not too many updates in the legal world. The laws remain the same. But as a lawyer you would know that there are frequent changes that happen all the time. It is best to include these changes on the homepage. Your visitors would be happy to see that you are aware of what is happening around.

Your lawyer web design will in any case be aware of these five points because they would have designed attorney websites before. But there is no harm in reiterating them. When you offer your inputs you are taken as a knowledgeable client and the website design is bound to be better and more to the point with respect to your legal business.

Proper attorney websites have something about them that should be followed by your best lawyer web design partner.

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