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Posted by maryparker on December 2nd, 2012

Spain is a current FIFA World Cup champion having beaten Holland in the last edition of the cup in the finals in 2010. The victory of Spain is no flash in the pan as the country has some very deep roots in Football because of its league football that has many levels or divisions. Starting from lower divisions, football in Spain is played intensely at the top level in the shape of Spanish La Liga. This Spanish league is popular in not just Europe but in all parts of the world where there are crazy football fans.

Barcelona and Real Madrid remain the pillars of La Liga

Operated by LFP, La Liga Soccer was started in 1928 with top 10 clubs in the country playing for the top honors. The first title was won by FC Barcelona, a club that happens to be one of the strongest club teams around the world even today. The club has won the title 20 times, and the only team that has won more titles in Spanish La Liga is Real Madrid. This club is one of the top teams around the world with many international football players playing for the club in the league. Along with these two very strong teams, Athletic Bilbao happens to be the only other team that has never been relegated to play in the Segunda Division of the league n Spanish football.

Today, top 20 clubs of the country participate in La Liga Soccer with the last three teams getting relegated to the lower division football. Top three teams in the lower league get a chance to play in next year’s Spanish La Liga. Out of the 80 editions of the league, the fact that FC Barcelona and Real Madrid have together lifted the cup 51 times tells the kind of domination these teams have enjoyed in Spanish football.

The league is chosen by top football players around the world

Top footballers from around the world have played in La Liga Soccer from time to time with even Maradona, Ronaldo, Zinedine Zidane and many more being a part of the league showcasing their talent in front of the Spanish football fans. This is one feature that has given a lot of respectability to the league and its popularity.  Top international stars playing in the league has led to a surge in viewership of the matches of the Spanish La Liga and today, millions of spectators watch exciting and attacking football on television across the world.

La Liga is popular all over Europe

La Liga is a prestigious tournament that has a loyal fan following and a stature that places it right there with Italian Serie A and EPL. The style of play in the league is attacking that is liked by football fans in different parts of the world. A far as future of the premier league is concerned, with the attendance of spectators and viewership of TV audiences going up in recent years, it becomes clear that La Liga Soccer has a bright future.

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