Complete Protection with the Mercedes Catalytic Converter

Posted by Vortexexhaust on December 3rd, 2012

Mercedes is an esteemed automobile with tremendous outlook and class attached to the name. And its performance can only be perked with a Mercedes catalytic converter. The catalytic converter would improve your engine performance and give you an easygoing car with more speed and mileage at times. The improvement can be noticed immediately, and the improvement will continue for a long time. The stainless steel made catalytic converters work for a long time, and if they follow the European standard, then you can be sure of their performance.

There are mainly two types of catalytic converter that work for vehicles on the road:

  • 100cpsi cats
  • 200cpsi universal cats
  • It is essential to understand that the low amount of cells per square inch is perfect for the vehicle as it tends to increase the gas flow and the performance of your car can be increased by 15bph. It also provides greater longevity when the metal used is steel. This is true with Mercedes and all such cars running on the road. For sports cars, the requirements and the converter would change a bit.

    Catalytic converter is not only beneficial for your vehicle, but it is also beneficial for the environment. Once you install it in your vehicle it would emit less poisonous gas into the air by its technology that breaks down the gas into other chemicals that are less toxic.

    The catalytic converter will make your car perform well for a long time. it would increase its longevity and your life a lot smoother. However, a blocked catalytic converter can increase the running cost of your car, and they should be replaced. If you are using a cheap Mercedes catalytic converter, you may require changing it every 30000 miles and it can be quite costly for you. You may also require installing the converter as per legal requirement because it has been made mandatory in some countries since 1993. It is important, to maintain the converter well for a long term performance.

    These car catalytic converters are often priced quite high by companies as they are sold through retailers and not the dealers. It can be beneficial to purchase them from the manufacturer or the dealers. If you can purchase them online from a registered company, you will not only get the best product but also get assurance of price. Choose a website that has authorization for providing the products for best result.

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    This article is written by Natalie Stitchman who is also associated with Vortex Exhaust Technology for a long time. Vortex Exhaust Technology deals with all aspects of manufacturing & marketing of Vortex™ Catalytic Converters, Exhausts & Silencers for almost all makes of vehicles. You can just browse through their site to find and buy catalytic converter from their site for your vehicle.

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