Eerily Accurate BioShock Infinte Cosplayer Gets Job Appearing on Actual BioShock

Posted by aosot on December 3rd, 2012

Turns out we weren't the only ones impressed by buy diablo 3 gold the "lifelike" imitation Russian cosplayer Anna Moleva could do of BioShock Infinite's Elizabeth. The game's creators, Irrational, were too.

So impressed, in fact, they offered her a job, which means she'll be appearing on stuff like BioShock Infinite's marketing art, TV ads (so there's a live-action trailer coming, I guess) and even the back of the game's box.

Anna will also be turning up to shows and events in costume.

It's a big deal for a cosplayer, and a smart move on the part of Irrational, but it's not the first time this has happened. Cosplayer Crystal Graziano did something similar with PC shooter Firefall last year, earning a 12-month sponsored contract that's only just wound down. source: kotaku

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