Banana Snack Ideas

Posted by christianali on December 4th, 2012

You're scanning for interesting snack contemplations to use up your bananas before they go unfavorable, or possibly you're trying to contemplate some fit snack choices for your youngsters to take to class. Bananas are a best preferred close kids and develop individuals undefined, and the recommended tasty snack recipes will please the whole group.

Chocolate Covered Bananas

Cut 2 bananas into equivalent parts and implant a solidified treat stay at long final of each. Put on a tray on a sheet of wax paper and leave in the freezer for 1 hour. Pour your settling of determination (pounded nut pieces, chocolate chips, sprinkles, or coconut work well) onto a plate. Break down one pack of condensing chocolates in a twofold flame broil. At the focus that the chocolate is condensed, dunk each banana into the chocolate until secured, then speedily go in your altering of determination. Put back onto the wax paper and stop until firm. Delight in!

Rolled Bananas

Peel one or more bananas, then cut into quarters or more diminutive pieces if needed. Blanket the outside of the banana pieces with velvety shelled nut spread until a dainty layer of nutty spread covers the entire piece. Pour some of your best oat or altering onto a plate or distinctive level surface, then roll the banana piece until it is absolutely secured. This snack is smooth, crunchy, and magnificent!

Banana-Peanut Butter Miniwiches

Spread crunchy or smooth nut spread onto two bits of white or wheat bread. Lessen a banana into wobbly cuts and place on the nut spread side of each bread cut. Follow the two as a solitary unit to make a tasty banana-nutty spread sandwich, then slice into quarters to make more sensible miniwiches.

Cinnamon Banana Toast

Put an iron on the stove and turn the stove on even warm. Put a cut of white or wheat bread on the iron. While the iron is warming, abridged a banana into cuts, then place on the bread cut. Then sprinkle cinnamon (or cinnamon and sugar) onto the bananas and allow it to elevated temperature. Using a spatula or sharpened steel, tenderly press the bananas into the spot of bread. Whenever the base of the bread is golden tan, the toast should be warm but not smoking. Clear from the skillet, allow to cool to a little degree if key, and savor the experience of.

Crunchy Bananas

Fill a sandwich sack part of the way full with your or your youngsters' best loved breakfast grain. Zip the sack close and crush the oat into unobtrusive pieces. Peel one or more bananas, then cut into thin cuts. Drop one cut of banana into the sack of pounded oat, and shake until the cut is inside and out secured. Remove the secured cut from the pack, and repeat. The oat adds a genuinely remarkable texture to this adjustable snack nourishments developed from the beginning.

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