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Best Answering Services to Grow your Small Business

Posted by scottsmith01 on June 9th, 2020

Investing in an answering service is a great way to improve the performance and efficiency of your business. With an answering service, you can enhance the user experience to a greater extent, while saving time and money in the long run. Also, an answering service helps you improve employees’ productivity, by giving them free time to focus on things that they are best at doing.

Today almost every business, from brick and mortar agency to Fortune 500 Company, is relying on answering services to perform their majority of operations, without human intervention. However, before you jump in and hire the answering services, it would be great that you first learn about the different types of answering services and pick the one that would be most beneficial for your business. Listed hereunder are different types of answering services that can help you grow your business like never before:

1. Live Answering Services

One of the most popular and highly recommended forms of answering services, the live answering services help build confidence and trust among the customers that you value them. In live answering services, an actual person, or group of persons, take care of the business calls, providing reliable answers to the customers as per your defined guidelines. Besides this, they also expertise in offering numerous other services including relaying messages to specific staff members via SMS and email, setting up auto-responders, booking appointments with the clients, overflow management, filling out web forms, and much more. This type of answering service is ideal for businesses looking to maximize their conversions, profits, and customer satisfaction efficiently.

2. Internet Answering Services

Another great form of answering service, internet answering service is perfect for online businesses and e-commerce stores, where most of the tasks are carried out online. By hiring internet answering services, you don’t need to give a dime about managing email, chat, and social media responses as everything is taken care of by experts with high professionalism and excellence. Under internet answering services, the professionals handle a variety of things, such as accessing your messages online, live web chat services, answering web inquiries, order processing, and much more, giving you free time to focus on important business tasks. When clubbed with live answering services, internet answering services work wonders in taking your business to the new heights.

3. Automated Answering Services

Automated answering service is yet another popular answering service that is beneficial for businesses looking to make a 24/7 presence. In this answering service, automated replies to the basic questions are generated which provide reliable information to the customers regarding the company’s products and services. Moreover, automated answering service also can transfer customers to live agents while providing information about the working hours of the business. This form of answering service proves to be a boon for businesses who receive a lot of calls from people looking for basic information, and don't necessarily need to speak to someone to get that information.

Now that you have a brief knowledge about the different types of answering services, it’s time to finalize the one that best suits your business needs. If you are looking to go with live virtual answering services, looking further than Easybee is not an option.

A leading virtual answering service provider, Easybee has an outstanding team of highly skilled and trained professionals who go that extra mile to deliver world-class live virtual receptionist services at the most competitive prices. The interesting thing about Easybee's virtual answering services is that they ensure that clients' customers always speak to a real person, increasing your chances to connect with potential customers on time. Businesses looking to maintain a steady growth during coronavirus pandemic can connect with them by filling out a simple contact form present on their official website,

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