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Posted by GetsolarUSA on December 4th, 2012

Solar power is becoming more renowned as the time progressing. It does helps to save the planet by cutting down on the usage of non-renewable carbon based fuels. It also helps in saving a major amount of money on their energy bill. The very imminent benefit of solar power is that it requires very little maintenance.

Since solar power is getting popular, plumbing contractors are now in serious actions with the more perfect plans and systems. We can judge that every now and then there is a new plumbing contractors being forced to share their knowledge and expertise in this area. Commercial plumbers are being asked to design systems for facilities from simple neighborhood laundry mats, public swimming pools to some of the largest name hotels, resorts and institutions.

The two important factors for solar hot water are the solar panels and the hot water storage tank. Solar panels are very easy and introduced many years ago. The most efficient and most preferred in commercial projects are Evacuated tube collectors. They produced dependable solar hot water heating in all type of weathers. The most difficult factor in manufacturing these evacuated tube collectors is to retain heat absorption. Once the tube collectors have absorbed the solar energy, the heated water then moves into the storage tank. Now, the heat is shifted into the copper coil heat exchanger located inside the tank and then onto the domestic hot water system.

The other component is for solar hot water is the storage of hot water tank. It can be designed and built for any size of project, irrespective for a new building or a pre-existing building. For this kind of hot storage component you must have venue that is flat, level and can support the weight of the water in the tank.

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