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Rahu Mahadasha And Its Remedies

Posted by talktoastro99 on June 9th, 2020

Rahu Mahadasha can affect the lives of individuals during a lot of various and unexplained ways. The impact might be dangerous also as beneficial. Whether it'll be the great effects or the bad effects of the Rahu Dasha are completely dependent upon the planets and their movements. When a private goes through this dasha, the person is extremely likely to stay confused, agitated and in some cases, an individual can even become violent.

The dasha lasts for a period of 18 years of life. This long period are often mind-boggling for the one that goes through this dasha if the impact of it's too negative on one’s life.  effects of rahu mahadasha  But when taken care of with the assistance of mantras and a few steps the consequences of this Rahu mahadasha tend to ease a touch bit and in some cases almost vanish.

The Rahu Mahadasha has most unexpected encounters with the native’s birth chart thereby creating him either much well to try to to or too poor. Rahu finds an area within the 5th house, 8th or 12th house respectively. If somebody is within the positive glance of Rahu, that individual will enjoy an honest time of happiness and success. The results are mostly good when the Rahu is within the adulation Rashi of the individual.

This happens when Rahu finds comfort within the 3rd house, 4th, 6th, 10th & 11th houses. This leads to healthiness , wealth, prosperity and happiness within the lifetime of that person. But if we see the consequences of the flip facet, then a private is claimed to be negatively impacted by this mahadasha if he/she remains unwell or doesn’t experience success in their business life .
In Indian Mythological texts, ‘Rahu is mentioned as an astronomical body. this is often one of the nine planets which are commonly mentioned as Navagraha. Rahu is that the planet which is believed to be liable for all the eclipses in one’s life and thus, it's also called Shadow entity. As per the scriptures, when Amrita or nectar of immortality was released from the oceans, the Gods and demons had an altercation and fight to urge it. Hence, Lord Shiva decided to interfere to guard the overall interest. For this, he transformed himself into a gorgeous woman named Mohini and gave the poison to all or any the demons.

Demons were charmed by the sweetness of Mohini and thus all of them drank the poison except one demon named Swarbhanu who was persistent and wasn't in the least charmed by the sweetness of Mohini as he understood everything. So Lord Shiva used his powerful chakra on him but it had been not successful in killing him as he had already drunk a drop of Amrita but it did divide his body into two parts. the top was Rahu and another half (Body) was Ketu. Ketu is claimed to be Rahu’s sibling. Rahu is exalted in Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Aquarius and a friendly planet in Aries.

Rahu Mahadasha Effects:
MARRIAGE FAILURES: it's often believed that in Rahu Mahadasha anyone can marry but during these 18 years the wedding sure to end in divorce if Rahu is positioned within the 7th house or Rahu aspects the 7th house. Rahu doesn't create obstruction in getting married but if it's malefic impact on marriage house then it doesn't allow one to enjoy marital bliss.
DESPERATION: it's going to make an individual desperate about everything like his/her goals and desires which can often cause illusion and keenness more so if Rahu conjuncts Moon.

FASCINATION WITH DARK SIDE: During this point people may become fascinated with the dark side of the planet like corruption and bad politics. The dark side includes everything that's dangerous to the person and therefore the society as an entire and also includes the planet of ghosts. They also may get fascinated by dark practices like tantra, alhora, etc..
FOREIGN ELEMENTS: it's believed that if Rahu has aspect on 12th house then during this point one may expect a far off journey which is one among the great impacts of it also mentioned as favorable Rahu Mahadasha.
PHYSICAL HARDSHIPS: One may face bad health and should physical weaknesses like venereal diseases, cough, asthma, and urinary diseases if Rahu has impact on 8th and 12th house.
BREAKING THE RULES: One might not abide by the principles of the society thanks to the eagerness and his/her will or desire to realize the goals. it's a negative impact.This impact is more visible if Rahu is in 4th house
HIGH POSITION: If Rahu is within the 10th house, then one may expect a better position in society or parliament or may get honored by any prestigious award. During this era one may earn his/her living by having a lowly job or business which depends on one’s divisional charts and birth charts.
WEALTH: consistent with the position of Rahu one can either become a billionaire or a beggar during this phase. Native can gain lot of wealth if Rahu influence 11th or 2nd house. There could also be a loss of wealth and injury or fall from a vehicle sort of a car if Rahu features a malefic aspect of Mars or Saturn
FRIENDS AND FAMILY: If Rahu has impact on 4th house then ,during this point one may have many family problems and disputes. One’s spouse or mother or children may have poor health. It also results in the destruction of native's family. There could also be cheating among friends during this point .
REBELLION: it's going to make an individual rebellious as he/she not abide by the principles and to possess an whip hand may end in being rebellious. so as to possess authority one may become rebellious for no particular reason. for more

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