Tombstone Cemetery and types of headstones

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A crematorium is considered to be a Holy place all around the world where burial of dead corpses take place. During old days there was a place known as Veteran Monument that was built in order to remember the war heroes who sacrificed their lives to safeguard the integrity and peace of their country and its people. These veteran monuments are considered to be national monuments that are used repeatedly by the citizens and the country's armed forces in order to pay their tributes during certain occasions. Also the reason for building so many veteran monuments is that in old days a lot of wars and fight between two nations or territories used to take place and sometimes the soldiers used to die with their boots on and that's how the name Boothill graveyard came into existence which later went on to be naked as the Tombstone cemetery. It is also believed that most of the people who lost their lives in violent fights were cowboys from nearby villages. The graveyard was made out of wooden stone during early days which use to wither away easily and therefore later marble or granite came into existence.

This graveyard is situated in Tombstone, Arizona of the United States territory and is believed to hold over 300 persons most of whom died fighting during some or the war. Another interesting fact about this place is that most of the burials that took place have been recorded except for the ones belonging to the Jewish or Chinese community. The graveyard also suffered huge losses as many souvenirs were being stolen making it difficult for a lot of people visiting the grave to locate their relatives. In 1884 the Tombstone Cemetery was closed giving way to the new city cemetery but even then Tombstone cemetery is used as a tourist spot and the public is free to visit this place without any fee.

Majority of the modern day cemeteries are built with different varieties of granite and marble headstones. The tombstones are made up of different types of marble granite headstone which are different from each other and should be used depending upon the rules and regulations of the crematorium authorities. The three basic kinds of rocks that are used in the marble or granite stones are igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic. There are a lot of cheap headstones available in the market and depending on one's budget they should settle for the best pick. Headstone vendors are available online as well in order to make things simpler for you. This is an emotional scenario for anyone so any person wants to make it as memorable as he can. Tombstone cemetery works to make such memories unforgettable.

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