Choosing the right micrometer and cutting tools

Posted by maryparker on December 6th, 2012

A micrometer represents an essential instrument which is used in measuring with precision and accuracy the dimension of the objects. There is a variety of micrometers on the market. For example, there is an electronic model which offers an automatic reading of that specific item and that’s why it is often used by people. For example, you can use this micrometer for many types of readings, such as: inside bore, outside bore and many others. Micrometers are often used by those people, working in the manufacturing industry. Taps and dies are cutting tools which can be used for making screw threads. Moreover, this two cutting tools are used for cleaning up threads, as well.

There are three basic types of micrometer and their names are according to their application: inside micrometer, which is used for measuring the diameter of the hole, the outside micrometer which is used mainly for measuring blocks, shafts, wires and spheres and the finally, the depth micrometer, which measures the depths of steps and slots. Generally, a micrometer is structured according to the following components: frame, sleeve, anvil, screw, thimble, ratchet stop, lock nut and spindle. According to their applications, there are different specialized types of micrometers: the universal micrometer, which can be used as outside micrometer, depth micrometer, step micrometer etc; the bore micrometer for measuring the inside diameters; the blade micrometer which allow measuring the narrow o-ring groove; the tube micrometer that measures the thickness of tubes; pitch-diameter micrometers that measure the pitch diameter of screw threads and many other types.

Cutting tools have to be made of a material harder than the material which is being cut. In order to be effective, cutting tools must have certain characteristics like: wear resistance, hardness and toughness. The materials of cutting tools can be categorized in two principle types: stable and unstable. The stable materials are represented by those substances that remain quite stable and they are not affected so much by the heat generated by the machining conditions. Usually, they don’t suffer any considerable change regarding their properties. Concerning the unstable materials, they are much softer than the stable materials and considered to be appropriate for unfavorable machining conditions.

Carbide cutting tools are often used to shape a variety of tools and products made of metal. These cutting tools are extremely important in manufacturing because they can be very helpful in machining the metal tools and molds. Carbide tools are made from tungsten and carbon. This compound, also known as cemented carbide is considered to be much harder than any other metal, with effective chemical properties, as well. Carbide is a stable material which cannot be changed by heat, chemically. In consequence, the tungsten carbide and the cutting tools to resist metal machining for a considerable period of time. That’s why carbide cutting tools are much more expensive than the regular cutting tools made of steel, but they last longer and they can remove a bigger amount of material per cut.

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