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Posted by maryparker on December 6th, 2012

The caliper is an essential instrument which is used for measuring the distance between the opposite sides of the object. This device can be used in many domains, such as: woodworking, metalworking, science, mechanical engineering and medicine. Calipers come in a variety of types and sophistication and are used according to the types of measurement which is needed. Some of the most common types of calipers are: divider, inside, vernier, dial, oddleg and digital. In the following paragraph, I will discuss about these types, mentioning their applications. Abrasives are hard materials which are used for cutting, polishing, grinding, drilling, sharpening and buffing the surfaces. There are two basic types of abrasives, the natural one and the synthetic one. The synthetic abrasive is produced similar to an organic mineral. The artificial abrasives include: ceramic, Zirconia aluminia, dry ice, steel abrasive, ceramic iron oxide, borazon, glass powder and others. Concerning the natural abrasive, it is considered to be superior to synthetic abrasive but in a way, the impurities found in the natural mineral could decrease its effectiveness. Some of the most common natural abrasives are: sand, rouge, novaculite, pumice dust, calcite, diamond dust and emery.

As I mentioned earlier, there are different types of calipers, according to their applications. The inside caliper is used for measuring the internal size of an object, such as a cylinder bore, a pipe etc. The outside caliper is used for measuring the outside of the object, for example: the outside pipe diameter. The oddleg caliper is usually used for scribing a line to set the distance from the edge of a workpiece. Concerning the divider caliper, it is used especially in the metalworking domain, for marking out proper workpieces. Moreover, this type of caliper can be used for measuring the distance on a map between two chosen points or in the medical context, when the caliper can transfer the distance on an EKG. The vernier calipers provide an accurate reading of the distance. The measuring scale can be in inch or metric. They can measure external dimensions, internal dimensions and depth, as well. This type of calipers is mainly used in industry, offering a high precision. The dial caliper is superior to the vernier caliper because it includes a dial gauge with special increments of the scale, as well. Lastly, the digital caliper is an improvement of the previous caliper, providing an electronic digital display.

There are two types of abrasives: bonded and coated abrasives. Bonded abrasives are hard materials and the most common one is represented by the aluminium oxide. This type of abrasives usually has two sides which can be used for finishing. Each of the both sides produces different effects. Concerning the coated abrasives, these can be used not only for industrial purposes, but by everyday people, as well. This abrasive has a material represented by metal, rubber or paper which is coated with an adhesive that acts exactly like a bonding agent. For example, you may think of the edge of a matchbox as a typical coated abrasive.

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