Pitfalls to Be Avoided While Selecting PBX Providers

Posted by AmandaTom on December 6th, 2012

When the constantly evolving version of the telephone was introduced during the 1960s’ the common opinion was that it represented the ultimate in communication and that there could be nothing better than this. However, it was just a matter of time before this belief was shattered by introduction of cordless followed by wireless. Once again when the world thought that there were no more frontiers to be broken, the complacency came to an end with PBX technology. It is a domain which is dominated by PBX providers, especially the top hosted PBX providers who are always in demand.

Courtesy of its many advantages, hosted PBX is a popular system and nowadays it features on every organization’s priority list irrespective of its size. This implies a high demand and it obviously leads to a rise in supply, meaning a substantial increase in the number of hosted PBX providers. While there is a positive connotation in this expansion in form plenty of choices for the buyer, there is a downside as well. The problem is that not all providers are born equal and because these differences are not immediately apparent how can a buyer identify top hosted PBX providers?

All products and services have their share of good and bad eggs as far as providers are concerned and this rule applies to PBX providers as well. In such a situation, the onus is on the buyer to gain cognizance of the possible pitfalls and tread carefully till he finds a firm footing. Being aware of the possible mistakes would not only enable the buyer to steer clear of wrong choices but also help in selecting a service which appears to be the most suitable. Provided no mistakes are committed, top hosted PBX providers could be found and chances of bad experiences considerably reduced.

One of the points which should be borne in mind right from the beginning pertains to avoiding PBX providers who are new in the field. As compared to top hosted PBX providers, a new entrant may not be aware of the nuances of the trade and hence will take some time to set his feet. Even worse than that would be a scenario wherein the new provider is unable to take off and eventually shuts down his business thus leaving customers in a lurch. Another reason for avoiding newcomers is their uncertain financial status not to mention unproven quality of service provided.

Buyers often make the mistake of taking the PBX providers at their word and enter into a contract without having read the fine print only to regret later. Tempting as a cheap offer can be, it is also fraught with hidden charges and conditions which may not work in favor of the buyer and lead to unpleasant situations later on. So the best way of avoiding this scenario would entail checking on the various types of plans on the Internet and understanding each one thoroughly. After the right plan has been identified the quest for top hosted PBX providers could be launched.

Much of the popularity of PBX system could be attributed to its various features but a word of caution to the buyer is that this aspect should be clearly discussed with the PBX providers beforehand. Many buyers take the features for granted only to realize later that it is not included in their contract. Likewise, another issue which needs to be clarified is the prioritization of voice traffic so as to receive clear communication. Top hosted PBX providers usually explain in detail as to how they would go about the task and would be equally forthcoming about the features included in their package as well. 

When the market is overflowing with PBX providers it is time for the buyer to exercise extra caution so as to avail the best possible service for his business. Even though the process of identifying the top hosted PBX providers may be lengthy and time consuming, it is worth the effort as many of the shortfalls associated with unreliable providers are avoided.

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