Commercial PBX or Hosted PBX Solutions ? Then and Now

Posted by AmandaTom on December 6th, 2012

One look at the commercial PBX systems now and one would not realize that this system had a humble beginning. The PBX telephone system has definitely come a long way. Earlier, there was a time when this type of telephony system was immensely popular in the commercial sector. That was about a decade ago, but who would have guessed that the PBX (Private Branch Exchange) is still going to be that popular and strong today as it was ten years ago? Today, the hosted PBX roadmap is constructed in such a way that it enables companies to handle multiple phone calls at a time.

If you were to look at the hosted PBX roadmap then you would see that it is quite impressive. In fact it is the roadmap that makes it possible for the company to rake in more revenue as the telephone system now is about a thousand times more efficient than what it used to be. Commercial PBX systems that existed earlier were not very user-friendly and therefore there were lots of hassles when it came to dealing with the telephony system. Earlier, an operator had to be employed specifically for the purpose of handling the PBX system and for transferring the calls.

Concurrently, the hosted PBX roadmap has definitely undergone loads of positive changes, making things a lot better than what they used to be. The roadmap of such a telephone system is quite compact today and it can also handle a lot more work volume. In the past, companies that had a huge volume of business calls on a day to day basis had to purchase two or more commercial PBX systems so as to be able to take on the workload. This is no longer required as the PBX systems feature cutting edge technology, which makes them much easier to work with.

Even though the commercial PBX systems are facing stiff competition in the market today from other telephony systems like VoIP telephone systems, they are still going strong. This is because the PBX had undergone plenty of changes, including the arrival of new designs. Of course, the older and more obsolete models of PBX with complex hosted PBX roadmap are no more in circulation but one can still find the newer designs in the premises of businesses enterprises being used and appreciated. If you have never used PBX systems before then it would be advisable to go for recent versions.

The newer models of the commercial PBX systems not only offer more advanced features but its hosted PBX roadmap is also comparatively easier to understand. Plenty of dedicated effort and time have been put into formation of the newer PBX models so as to make them at par, if not better, with its modern competitors. This kind of system is very versatile because it can mould or adjust itself as per the needs of the clients and hence can be customized as per individual situation. In this way, the company’s requirements are looked after in the best manner possible.

Over the years, the commercial PBX telephony systems and the hosted PBX roadmap have incorporated a lot of improvements. Today, it is still considered to be one of the dominant players in the market alongside VoIP telephone system. Therefore, if you are interested in upgrading your residential or company’s phone into something that is more modern and functional then it wouldn’t be a bad idea to opt for a PBX system. Of course you should also allow yourself plenty of time to think whether it would be the right solution although this one definitely does not fail to impress.

On traveling down the memory lane with PBX telephone systems it would be apparent that these have evolved tremendously to culminate into the commercial PBX systems which are so prevalent today. Another step further would lead to hosted PBX roadmap and this is the ultimate in PBX technology as far as communication is concerned.

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