Wurm Online will officially launch next week after a six-and-a-half year beta te

Posted by j280668993 on December 7th, 2012


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After possibly the world’s most extended beta test, Wurm Online has announced that it will officially launch next week. The game, which many of our community already enjoy, is often announced as a more complicated Minecraft, which is troublesome as Minecraft creator Notch actually worked on it before he started making Minecraft, so that’s just confusing.

Anyway! The point is that on December 12, 2012, the game will launch and bring with it a number of improvements. According to the official dev blog, the launch version will “finally have character customization, visible armour, multi storey buildings and nicer looking creatures”.

“We’re also planning to open up at least one pristine freedom server that won’t be connected to the freedom cluster for an undetermined amount of time in order to provide that total newbie feeling. ”

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