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Posted by sophiamilller on December 7th, 2012

BB gun is a form of air gun that is made for shooting projectiles called BBs, meaning ball bearing also known as bullet balls, which is approximately the size of the birdshot pellet.  Modern BB guns today are made to look more like a real gun, and made of steel, which is coated with copper or zinc to withstand corrosion.  When it was initially introduced in 1930, it gained instant acceptance and became a toy of iconic proportion. The first Metal BB guns that came out in the market and sold publicly in 1983 were supposed to be just toys. 

Metal BB guns can shoot much faster and farther than the air soft guns, and can be used for hunting birds. The models come in a pistol or rifle type and there is not much design to choose from.  They also have a bore, barrel, and 0.177 inches calibre.   The BB gun ammo is made from steel and is copper or zinc plated to deter corrosion. The pellets are sometimes pointed metal pellets.  The ammo diameter can range from 4.34 mm to 4.39 mm. Plastic BBs are also available in the market and usually manufactured by Asian companies for hobby and leisure.

Basically, BB guns function like the standard guns in that the BB pellet and the gun bullets are shot down and propelled down the gun’s barrel.  The difference lies in that the ordinary guns need an explosion to push the bullet out.  In BB guns, compressed gas like CO2 or air is used.  As the cocked trigger is released, the compressed air will be released from the airtight container to propel the BB from the gun.

In UK as well as in other countries, metal BB guns are fast becoming the toy of choice.  However, you must consider that this is not just a simple toy gun.  BB guns have a lot of extra accessories and in fact, it is used by the army in some of their target exercises.  Although BB guns are considered as toy guns, children below 14 years are not allowed to handle it without adult supervision.  If used in public places by children aged 14-18, the activity should be under strict supervision by an adult aged 21 and up.  Legally, BB guns can only be sold to individuals who are 18 and above.  The BB guns are primarily intended for fun and enjoyment.  However, it should be used responsibly.  If you hurt a person or an animal with the BB pellet, you will have to pay for the consequential damage, regardless if it is accidental or intentional.   If you damage a property, you will have to pay for its restoration or replacement. is a private company registered in England and Wales and is operated by Artemis Web Ltd. Based in UK, this company carries a wide range of quality BB guns, metal BB guns as well as other hobbyist items and accessories.  Their clients never fail to appreciate our friendly and prompt service, which is one of the reasons for their phenomenal growth.  Please visit our website at to know more of our product lines and services.

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