Carpet cleaning methods ? the basics

Posted by sophiamilller on December 8th, 2012

Carpet cleaning should be an integral part of your overall household cleanliness regime. A dirty carpet or rug can not only lead to making your interiors look shabby but also lead to respiratory ailments and allergies to humans and pets living in the house. So don’t overlook the carpets while you are going about cleaning your house and ensuring hygiene. Carpet cleaning Dublin at a professional level can often be a good idea if your carpets have not undergone a cleaning in a long time.

Carpet cleaning is primarily of two types: dry and wet. The ‘dry’ methods are for a quicker and superficial cleaning. These methods mostly affect about one0thirds of your carpets depth. The ‘wet’ methods are what are more rigorous and effective in ‘deep-cleansing’ your carpets. You can do a dry cleaning of the carpets in your house every 2-3 months, but a ‘wet’ cleaning must be undertaken about twice a year to ensure the health of your carpets. Sometimes your carpets could be the source of allergens and grime which could affect the overall health of everyone living in the house. Dirty carpets can lead to long-term respiratory problems and hence carpet cleaning is a very important part of hygiene. In case of a more thorough wet cleaning requirement, it is usually beneficial to get it done by professional carpet cleaning Dublin services.

The dry carpet cleaning methods could be of many types like dry cleaning (bonnet), dry foaming and dry powdering. These methods are good for in-between cleaning of the household carpets and also when you don’t want dampness in the house (say, during winters or monsoons). In these methods, you will need to do a lot of scrubbing and in a particular way and they are thus quite tedious. Vacuum cleaning is also needed in most of these methods. The advantage of the dry methods is that there is hardly any drying time and the carpets are good to walk upon almost immediately.

But if you are looking at getting rid of some really tough stains and bad odour then wet carpet cleaning Dublin is what you need. Wet carpet cleaning methods mostly involve either steam cleaning or hot water extraction, both of which are often used interchangeably but are not the same processes. In hot water cleaning, hot water (sometimes mixed with some chemicals) is sprayed on the carpets and a simultaneous vacuuming is done to dislodge the water along with the dirt or grime. In the steam extraction method of carpet cleaning Dublin, steam is applied to the carpet with some detergent-based solutions which act as the cleaning agents. This takes anything between 12-24 hours to dry completely and hence it is a long-drawn process. The hot water extraction method is said to be the most effective in removing difficult stains, odours and grime from the depth of the carpet while not harming the fibre of the carpets as this process involves the least use of chemicals. The only disadvantage is the time taken for the carpets to dry.

Carpet Cleaning is a very important in ensuring overall hygiene of your household. If you are looking for a thorough clean-up of your carpets, a professional carpet cleaning Dublin agency should be summoned.

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