Tips in Purchasing Quality Photos on Canvas Prints

Posted by sophiamilller on December 9th, 2012

If you want to order a photo on canvas, the first thing that you will do is search for it, just like when you are buying any consumer good. You will go to the Internet and visit several online shops that specialize in selling print on canvas photos or artwork. You might have old family portraits that you might want to transfer into canvas, or you might be looking for a unique gift to give to a close friend or family member.  Whatever is your reason for searching for a canvas print, what you want is high quality and great looking canvas print that will last almost forever and so affordable that it won’t break the bank.

When you are buying a photo on canvas print, you might encounter positive, and as many negative experiences during the process.  The reason is because the marketplace is overflowing with small time suppliers selling products that lack in quality, and big time suppliers that sell high end quality products.  So to avoid having negative experiences in finding your print on canvas photos, you must educate yourself first on the product that you are looking for.  Remember, no canvas prints are the same.  There is always a significant difference on the finish of your print from one company to another.  Add to this the present economy that allows the amount of sub-standard prints to increase.

How do you know if a certain company is capable to do the job that you want done and produce a quality photos on canvas prints?  First, since you are on the Internet and searching for print on canvas photo service, look at each website for signs of quality.  For example, you will know if the site was professionally designed.  See also if they have provided their contact details, and whether there is a customer review page on these websites.  The reviews submitted by past customers are often key factors to know if a company is trustworthy, professional, and reliable.

Then see what methods and materials are being used to process your photos on canvas prints.  For example, the frame quality.  There are some wood frames that you cannot tighten once the sign of sagging shows off.  Always choose the 4-piece pine wood frame that has wooden wedges inserted into the frame’s inner corners.  This will allow you to stretch your print on canvas photo repeatedly over time.

Cotton canvas is a better material than polyester, although the latter costs a lot more cheaper. A one hundred per cent cotton canvas enhances the look of the photo, as well as it prevents early fading.  The inks that the provider should be using is a fade resistant ink,

called the archival ink.  It is guaranteed to not fade for up to 75 years.  While they are more expensive than the others, the ink will provide a fantastic quality of the image.  Another thing that should not be forgotten is the lacquering.  A coating of lacquer will prevent splitting and cracking of the frame edges where it meets with the canvas.  It will also prevent scratches and scuffs on your canvas print.

If you want to put your photos on canvas, find a professional person and get your print on canvas done.

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