How Photo to Canvas Printing Helps an Artist

Posted by sophiamilller on December 9th, 2012

Whether you are a painter or a photographer or any kind of artist, it is highly probable that you are continuously finding ways that will make your creations stand out from the crowd. Using photo on canvas prints is one way to easily get a leg up

Photo to canvas prints offer numerous benefits to photographers.  Canvas prints are durable, so they last longer than traditionally printed pictures.  With regards to pricing, the photo on canvas products may be similarly priced to the good quality services in photo printing and framing.  Moreover, when you display your work on a canvas print, people will find them very unique and eye-catching.  It is very different from the common practice of having the photo printed on traditional printing surfaces and framed. This worked fine until the invention of digital cameras that make every snap shot a good piece of photograph.  So from this pack, your work needs to stand out.  To help you achieve that goal, the photo to canvas process needs to be utilized.

If you will sell your framed photographs in a local café or store, usually people will just stay a second to look at it, and simply move on to see other things.  If what you have on display is a photo on canvas, it will attract people’s interest more than the other pieces. Their eyes will be drawn to it easily, and people will always take a closer look.

Putting up your artwork as a photo to canvas, you’ll be incurring much cheaper costs than doing it on an ordinary printing and framing method.  Why?  Because canvas is a more durable material than ordinary photo paper that needs to be protected by covering it with lacquer.  The photo on canvas prints can be displayed even outdoors and in any season.  They look more professional and artistic, they are fine as they are, no custom framing expenses required.  So you can save, and this savings is what your clients get when you sell your produce at a lower price.  More people will buy your work as they stand out from the competition.

It is not only the photographers who benefit from making the photo to canvas prints.  Even painters can make a unique display that is seldom seen by most people.  So, they are attracted to view your work, just like the photographers.  Some painters who find it hard to come up with backgrounds for some pieces of abstract, they come to resolve the problem by using canvas prints and then paint over them.

The good thing about doing so is that people will acknowledge and believe that what you used for background is a canvas print.  And they further realize that the  artistic vision that is in you drove you to do that.  As a painter, you have many options to make your work very different from the rest.  You can also make a photo on canvas of a person you want to sketch, and work over it as a starting base so you can create a product that is lifelike.

To get a photo on canvas, it’s better to apply the technique of photo to canvas as it’s much cheaper.

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