Bed Bug Dogs Can Save Human Lives

Posted by EliteBedBug on December 10th, 2012

Bed bug extermination begins with hiring the services of a bed bug dog. Bug detection dogs receive special training and are recruited by pest extermination agencies. As a bed bug exterminator, a bug dog protects humans from bug infestation in their homes and identifies the very first signs of a bug colony in and around your living spaces, particularly, bedrooms. During bed bug inspection, bug dogs in charge of locating these and other pests in your home, use their superhuman ability to smell bugs and prevent another bug attack on your bed sheets, mattresses and clothes. Some of the best canine detectors work with bed bug Chicago extermination agencies. 

Bed bugs intrude into the homes and invade your beds, couches, wardrobe, storerooms, basements, pillows, cushions and build huge colonies under cracked floor boards, door splits and dark corners. Due to their size and stingless bites, these creepy crawlers remain invisible to the human eye. However, a bed bug dog is able to spot them successfully ten out of ten times. A canine detector is able to pick up bed bug scents and follow them to lead you to concealed bed bug hideouts, sometimes to areas you didn’t know existed in your own home. Not only live bed bugs, these dogs are able to find bed bug eggs and larva, as well.   As soon as they spot a location with pests, they alert their handling a team which immediately sanitizes the area. 

It is the responsibility of a canine bed bug exterminator to correctly search for harmful pests and come up with successful inspection results every time. To sharpen their detection prowess, intelligent breed like Beagles is specially trained in dog training institutes. These sniffer dogs have superior olfactory sensors that can trace and follow live bugs and help the bug extermination team remove them from the house. 

Complete bed bug inspection is only possible with bug detecting canines and hence they are used extensively by the top bed bug extermination agencies in Chicago.  Plus, a timely inspection also ensures that you and your family stays immune, to any disease causing vector the bugs might be carrying. Bed bug extermination is a repetitive process where the bug is destroyed, their nests, eggs and traces removed and protective chemical sprays sprinkled. 

To liberate your homes from bed bugs Chicago, get in touch with a bug exterminating agency through their website and make sure they have bed bug dogs to sniff out and eradicate bed bugs completely.  

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Tim Braband is the owner of elite bedbug detection services. He has years of experience in dealing with this kind of services. Elite Bed Bug Detection is a family-owned business based in Chicago. We formed our business after seeing, first hand, the striking precision of a canine bed bug detector in action. Together with Lacey, our goal is to provide outstanding, high quality customer service, accurate and dependable investigations, and answers to your bed bug questions.

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