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All You Need To Know About Custom Cosmetic Packaging Boxes:

Posted by Tonymorgan7337 on June 10th, 2020

The trend of using cosmetic products does not need to be mentioned. From the no makeup to a full glam makeup look, women use makeup products to achieve that glow in their routine look. Every woman, along with tons of men, has taken the cosmetic industry to this level by using the cosmetic products to such extend. 

With the high demand for cosmetic products, the need for manufacturing custom wholesale boxes is also becoming high. Furthermore, to flourish in this competitive market, you need to understand the importance of the beautiful appearance of the packaging. Just take an example of yourself.

When you go to buy something, you see various options in front of you of the same product. So what is that one thing that helps you in picking up one from the rest? Indeed the packaging of the product. The packaging that looks more attractive and fascinating urge people to pick it up and give a try. So, it is important to focus on the outer beauty of the product as well.

To create a fantastic outer beauty of the packaging, you can use foiling, embossing and debossing. Similarly, adding window cuts can do wonders to your product. Likewise, coatings allow you to give a fine appearance to the packaging boxes.

Besides, as cosmetic products are related to beauty, its boxes should also represent the same aspect. For this reason, various features can help you in achieving that appearance that can help in earning more by increasing sales. Here are some of the features that you should keep in notice while ordering boxes for your product.

High-Quality Material:

The material of the packaging is of great importance as it is responsible for the safety of the product. Cosmetic products include all the products from makeup to hair and facial sprays. Some products are delicate and can get ruined with a little jerk. These products need extra care to maintain its quality to drive all the way to the destination safely.

For this reason, the selection of suitable material is necessary. To give you a better idea about each material, the brief description of each of them is as follows:

Cardboard is the preferable material. The reason for its popularity is its light-weight and durability. Moreover, you can adjust the thickness as well according to your requirement. It ranges from 12pt to 14pt. 

Secondly, kraft material is becoming high in demand because of its eco-friendly nature. Additionally, this material is 40% cheaper than the other materials. Despite its recyclable nature and affordability, it is durable and protects the product like all other materials. It's thickness ranges from 14pt to 22pt. Also, you can increase the thickness more by pasting. 

Lastly, corrugated material is ideal for shipment and transportation. This material comes with flutes that are responsible for the thickness of the box. A, B, C, E and F flutes are available. You can combine two flutes as well if you want to get more thickness. 

Boxes With Logo:

To compete with the other brands in the market and to crest a brand recognition custom printed boxes with logo are necessary. A brand name or logo on the box increases the importance of the product as well as help in image building of your brand. Also, it helps in differentiating your brand from others in the market. 

Apart from printing logo, you can print other information related to the product as well. It will allow customers to have a brief introduction to the product at the time of buying. Similarly, by printing graphics and images on the packaging, you can give an enticing and amazing look to the boxes. 

There are different printing techniques, and you can choose the one according to your requirements. Offset printing is the oldest printing technique. It needs a proper setup for printing as it works with plates and rollers. Moreover, this printing technique is best for ordering in bulk. Short term orders can cost you more. 

On the other hand, digital printing is the latest printing technique. It does not need a huge setup, thus take less time in printing than offset. Moreover, it is suitable for both short and long run orders. 

Colour Models That Companies Use:

Selecting the right colour combination is necessary if you want to attract people to your product. The colour combination just gives a peaceful effect. Harsh colour combinations do not give a positive message to the buyers. Packaging companies normally use two colour models to provide a colourful look at the packaging. CMYK is less expensive and is most preferable for packaging companies. On the other hand, PMS is expensive, but it offers a wider range of colours. 

Order your custom cosmetic packaging boxes now before it gets late. 

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