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Posted by wallacegreen on December 12th, 2012

How do you determine the amount of compensation for personal injury? The answer is through personal injury claims calculator. Personal injury claims calculator provides an estimated amount that can be awarded to the claimant.

Various types of claims are available in the United Kingdom like accidents in public and accidents at work. What’s the common denominator for these two types? Both of them involve a mishap and an injury that was caused by others.

Accident in public place happens when one slips from a wet floor, trips and falls on an uneven pavement or falls from height. Injuries sustained from an accident in public places like shops, restaurant, supermarket, recreational centre, park, pathway or school can be compensated. The building occupiers, land owners and the local authorities are responsible for any mishap that may occur within their premises. These owners or occupiers owe a duty to take care of all customers and guests who visit their area. Failure of the occupiers to comply with the health and safety requirements entitles the worker to bring a claim. Compensation will depend on several factors like the type of injury, the severity of the pain, duration of the pain, recovery period, financial losses, and the pain and suffering experienced by the claimant.

Don’t Suffer In Silence

A number of workers are afraid to file a claim and suffer in silence. It adds more weight to the physical damage incurred from an accident in the workplace. Some are not aware that compensation can be made from an accident that happened at work. Common accidents that occur in the workplace involves slips/trips/falls, lifting and manual handling of objects, defective equipment, inadequate training and exposure to dangerous substance.

Incidents like slips, trips and falls in the workplace causes minor injuries that may lead to more serious cases like back, head, shoulders and neck injuries; broken bones; fractures; concussion; inflamed tendons or torn ligaments. Workers can compensate for the damages they suffer and use personal injury claims calculator to evaluate the amount that can be awarded to them.

Some diseases may also develop due to unsafe work practices, long exposure to substances or lack of personal protective equipment. Occupational diseases like lung cancer, asbestos-related diseases, asthma, Repetitive Strain Disorder (RSI), burns, scarring, occupational stress, and skin diseases affect workers.

A worker can be compensated properly by making a formal complaint. It is recommended to ask a lawyer who can provide clear explanation on this area. Seek help from the experts.

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