Validity of Motorcycle Accident Claim

Posted by wallacegreen on December 18th, 2012

Riding a motorbike gives the rider a sense of freedom. It’s like a freedom to conquer the road of Great Britain. What if a mishap occurs along the way? Can you still have the freedom to complain about the accident caused by others? It’s possible through motorcycle accident claim.

Motorcycle accident claim compensates for the injustice brought about by the mistakes of other people. Road users like drivers, passengers, motorcyclist or pedestrians can make a claim. Claims for road traffic collisions compensates for the injuries sustained from the tragedy.

In order to bring a successful claim, claimant needs to comply with the following law requirements: First, it’s important to prove that the person responsible for the mishap owes a duty of care to the victim of personal injury. In the case of road collision, the driver owes a duty of care to all road users. Second, the duty of care has been breached. The driver responsible for the crash breached the duty of care. The offender acted in a negligent manner by failing to observe traffic rules such as driving beyond the required speed, driving under the influence of alcohol or using the mobile phone while driving. Third, the accident caused injuries to the victim like fractures, contusions and wounds. Fourth, it is necessary to prove that the responsible party’s negligence caused injuries to the victim

Proving Claims for Personal Injuries

Showing evidence to prove your claim plays a vital part in winning the case. It is necessary to plan, organize and gather all the needed resources.

Road users can learn from the tips recommended by specialist in personal injury. A rider or biker involved in a collision needs to get the complete names and contact details of the wrongdoer. This includes the phone numbers, and addresses, including the Vehicle Registration Number (VRN) of the wrongdoer’s car. The VRN is important because in case the latter provided a fictitious name, the lawyer handling the case will help locate the driver who was really involved in the collision. Call the ambulance and the police. Their presence is essential in dealing with the accident. Seek medical treatment immediately after the incident. Consultation from the doctor can give clarity on the real condition of one’s health. Ask the doctor about all aspects of the injury including treatment and recovery period. Obtain statement from the doctor that will be presented in court. Ask for a written statement from witnesses. Collect all the receipts relating to the incident. Motorcycle accident claim requires evidence of receipts like hospital bills, medical expenses, cost of treatment and travel expenses.

Seek legal advice from the experts in personal injury claims.

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