Outsourcing - Putting all Eggs in One Basket?

Posted by Ecareindia on December 18th, 2012

In recent times, many medical billing companies have started realizing the fact that outsourcing a few parts of their billing services to offshore medical billing companies can reap good benefits. However, some of these companies commit the blunder of ‘putting all their eggs in one basket!’, i.e., outsourcing all the services to a single offshore medical billing vendor. On the other hand, if a healthcare outsourcing company subcontracts medical billing services to 2 or 3 offshore vendors, it can witness a substantial progress in its business. While this is a good strategy to follow, some companies overdo it by trying to manage more than 3 vendors and end up using all their managerial bandwidth just for managing the vendors.  The merits of healthcare outsourcing to 2 or 3 offshore vendors are as follows,

Timely Delivery: The prime advantage of outsourcing medical billing services to 2 or 3 vendors is timely delivery of output. As several services are divided across various offshore medical billing companies equally, the work gets processed simultaneously. As a result, the output is delivered to the healthcare outsourcing company at a date prior to TAT. Thus, revenue cycle outsourcing to multiple offshore vendors paves the way for a medical billing company to gain the goodwill of its clients.    

Mitigate Risks: Yet another benefit of healthcare outsourcing to multiple offshore vendors is mitigating risks! Unexpected circumstances like natural calamities, server and connectivity problems, employee turnover, power shutdowns and more can delay the work badly. If a medical billing company depends on a single offshore vendor, then any one of the above risks could have a serious impact on the TAT. However, when healthcare outsourcing companies subcontract its services to 2 or 3 offshore medical billing companies the so-called risks can be mitigated prudently. India with its large landmass (aptly called the sub-continent), provides the comfort of working with 2 or 3 vendors that are geographically far apart while being within the same country.  This is one of the main reasons why Medical billing companies in India are a popular choice for revenue cycle outsourcing.

Expand Clientele: By delivering the output on time and mitigating risks prudently, a medical billing company not only improves its revenue management cycle, but also earns the goodwill of its clients. Showcasing this achievement, the healthcare outsourcing company can expand its client base further.  Also, the offshoring of services enables the medical billing companies to have the management bandwidth to pursue big prospects and concentrate on winning bigger deals.  That surely is the correct path for sustained growth.

About e-Care India:

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