LED Lighting is a Great Alternative to Traditional Ceiling Light Fittings

Posted by lightfittingsuk on December 19th, 2012

We have been selling light fittings for over 25 years and seen changes in that time that could not have been envisaged when we first started our business. Light Fittings have gone from using traditional incandescent lamps, through to using compact fluorescent lamps, to now being designed using LED technology in all types of light fittings. This is especially evident in residential ceiling light fittings such as the JCC LED7 range, through to our colour changing decking lights that are more popular than ever before.

Our JCC LED7 range of ceiling light fittings, have been designed to ensure that the LED diodes are not overheated by being recessed in to the ceiling. This is done by ensuring each of the light fittings are using the industries best heat sync systems available that removes the heat from the front of the ceiling light fittings, which extends the life of the LED chip in the light fittings.

However, in external LED Light Fittings in the UK, such as our colour changing decking lights, heat removal around the LED diode is not an issue due to the UK weather taking care of the issue. Colour changing decking lights are very decorative and really do set a mood lighting scene that can be adjusted using our Light Fittings remote control unit. This remote control unit can also be used in various lighting schemes, and therefore uses the Red, Green, Blue (RGB) range of lighting in the LED chips.

It is even possible to use LED strip lighting that can also use the same RGB mood lighting as the colour changing decking lights, but can be in one continuous length of light, up to 20Mtrs or longer if required. This LED strip is also designed in to many internal lighting designs to complement our ceiling light fittings when used as architrave lighting, and concealed light fittings. Then using the correct controllers and dimmers both the ceiling lighting and the strip lighting can be managed directly and used for mood setting.

LED Light Fittings have developed a long way in today’s market place and no doubt will continue to develop, and we will continue to work with our manufacturing partners to design ceiling light fittings, and colour changing decking lights for many year in to the future.

About the Author:

This article is written by Jim Gear, who is also associated with First Light Direct. First Light Direct has been supplying light bulbs, UK Light Fittings, ceiling light fittings, wall light fittings, bollard lighting, Fluorescent Tubes and colour changing decking lights in UK, for 25 years. They have always ensured that we only supply quality manufacturers and not cheap imports.


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