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Emotional intelligence in education

Posted by danish24 on June 12th, 2020

 An emotionally intelligent person has a clear envision, depth and perception of what he/she is going through.As the mind is a wandering kid, most often, people experience the consequences of failure not because of lack of intelligence but it is because of poor emotional intelligence. An emotionally intelligent character can withstand any sorts of stress and distress in every walk of life. Along with the brain, invisible emotions play a vital role in our day-to-day performances. Emotional intelligence help us to address 2 major aspects. First one is the ability to understand, and manage our emotions independently and the second aspect includes our ability to understand and influence the emotions of other people. The level or extent which an individual can control the emotions for the  of self and others is the emotional quotient.  Emotional intelligence is becoming inseparable part of our modern education despite the booming educational technologies such as artificial intelligence. Let us understand the contribution of emotional intelligence in education.

Role of emotional intelligence in education

Emotional stability can consequently result in a greater balance, clear thinking, ability to apply the; logic systematically when it comes to classrooms. Although it is applicable in most facets of life, the fundamental areas in to which emotional intelligence can be applied are developing self-awareness, emotional control, self-motivation, a greater degree of empathy, and relationship skills. It helps to establish a therapeutic communication in many areas. All in all, it helps to nurture a greater will power, a well-directed and positive attitude, comprehensive thinking capacity while keeping in mind about positive and negative consequences of a phenomenon. It is also a tool for problem solving and conflict resolution in the educational setting.

Emotional intelligence and self-awareness

Managing ones thoughts and emotions is not an easy task unless a complete control is being exerted by training oneself. Emotional intelligence provides room to improve ourselves by gaining ability to identify and streamline the negative emotions. For this, understanding and noticing one`s own emotions is important. For the students it helps to determine one`s own capacity, limitations and the perception of their abilities and the required efforts to manage tasks. In a research, researchers have asked students on how they performed in a test. Students thought that they did well however, majority of them have overestimated their ability that resulted in poor performance. In this case students failed to understand the difference between reality and assumptions due to the lack of self-awareness.

Emotional intelligence in self-control and self-regulation

Self-regulation, self-control and self-management are interchangeably used and it is one of the vital aspect of emotional intelligence. It is simply the ability to control and manage the inner emotions, conflicts, contradicting though patterns, insecurities. This provides ample opportunity to relearn the inner resources, and abilities to manage the harmful and negative impulses. We might have observed in a classroom, if there are 30 students in a batch and they are being assigned a laborious and difficult task. At the end, some of them might successful while few of them feel exhausted and some of them might feel it is highly challenging while the majority feel it is stressful and making them frustrated. All these happened because the degree of self-control vary. Hence it is important to teach kids about controlling one-self and how to skillfully master the turmoil within their minds.

Emotional intelligence in self-motivation

An individual should have a clear picture of how enthusiastic he is in the absence of an external motivation al force. This in fact needs a greater degree of understanding of self. Self-motivation includes one`s personal drive to sustainably improve and achieve things. It is the deeper commitment to our goals, initiative, and willingness to take challenges despite many demotivated factors around. It can be relentlessly help to gain readiness to act on opportunities, and optimism and resilience.

Emotional intelligence and empathy

Empathy is the ability to feel other`s feelings in way how others are experiencing. It really needs a clear sense of diving deep into other`s minds while they are in trouble. While it has nothing to do with general intelligence, but it is the ability to put oneself in the other person's shoes to understand what they are going through. Emotional intelligence plays an important role in controlling and regulating other`s emotions. It is much necessary for teachers to empathetically look at others.

Emotional intelligence in relationship skills

Though it is applicable mostly in the general psychology where issues of poor relationship is evident however it is important for parents and the class teachers to establish healthy and therapeutic relationship by building a rapport in a systematic and phased manner. Understanding the negative emotions of students can establish a clear bridge between teachers and students. A gap in such phenomenon can really make things worse. Many times, a student’s feelings are poorly understood and addresses as they do not express every feeling each time. An emotionally intelligent teacher can trace out what is running gin the minds of young kids.If you are you looking for a home tutor in Bangalore contact us at Innoclazz Academy and fill this demo form

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