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Posted by maryparker on December 19th, 2012

At some point all of us need to think about badrumsrenovering and that can be due to different reasons, such as repairs are requested or we would simply like a nytt badrum. The reasons are not as important as our approach. How would it be better to proceed? If you are not a specialist, then forget about trying to do it yourself. Regardless of the ampleness of the project you have in mind, contact Badrumsrenoverarna and a team of fully qualified and certified professionals will put their experience to your service, making sure that the results exceed your expectations.

Choosing to let Badrumsrenoverarna handle the operations related to badrumsrenovering has numerous advantages. The company offers its services to house owners in the area surrounding Gothenburg, making sure that all the aspects of the projects are being taken care of thoroughly. The craftsmen group works with qualified personnel to provide services such as tiling, grouting, installing waterproof systems to prolong the durability of the nytt badrum, demolition and reconstruction where needed. The piping system is adjusted by teams of trustworthy subcontractors with whom the company collaborates for a long time; therefore, you won’t need to waste time and money in finding the right people to carry out the project.

Before proceeding with the remodelling for the nytt badrum you will receive a contract where all the costs will be mentioned, ensuring that there will be no other fees than those agreed upon. Working with Badrumsrenoverarna presents the advantages of a reliable company that has all the resources and tools to complete the job rapidly, with minimum disruption to customers’ activities and without the risk of running out of capital in the middle of the project. Furthermore, the organization has adhered to ROT deduction which enables house owners and tenants to receive a 50% discount for the cost of labour for amounts not larger than SEK100.000.

The entire project will be completed by qualified personnel that have all the certifications requested by quality and safety regulations. The professionals take care to deliver the badrumsrenovering projects in a time efficient manner, without compromising quality. As a customer, you will be assisted in choosing the floor and wall tiles that are of top quality, this way the nytt badrum will be adjusted to your taste and needs and the results will be durable. Because quality and reliability are the words that define best the work carried out by the specialists from Badrumsrenoverarna, for the waterproofing systems applied during badrumsrenovering you will receive 10 years warranty. Whether the project implies fitting tiles, rebuilding, remodelling or shower installation all the details will be mentioned in the terms of the contract, assuring that there will be no misunderstanding in terms of costs and requirements.

Are you interested in changing the decor of your bathroom? Contact now Badrumsrenoverarna and get a nytt badrum sooner than you expected, with outstanding improvements. All the work related to badrumsrenovering will be carried out by experienced professionals who make sure that all the details fit perfectly into the new décor of your choice.

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