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Make the most of your empty office building / Office

Posted by Julia9102 on June 12th, 2020

8 extra things you must do - but only when the employees or tenants are working from home.


After a long day in the office, the place is a mess. The bathrooms are dirty, the kitchen is filthy, and the rubbish bin is way too full. After 5 pm, the office cleaning company swoops in and sweeps out the place to restore things back into their former glory. But, are they doing everything they should do?

Most office managers don't realize it, but they need a more thorough cleaning process. Otherwise, they'll find themselves working in a superficially clean office that remains dirty - and that can turn into a health risk for everyone involved!

In order to have the best office environment, there are 8 extra things you must take care of - but you can only do them when everyone is out of the office! Most of them are long processes that need no interruption, some of them will interrupt your employees - so it's best to do them after 5!

1. Window cleaning

Dirty windows are one of the first things people notice when they walk into a building - and even when they are walking towards it! And it's not something you can hide, a dirty window on a building is like wearing a ketchup-stained white shirt in public. You have to deal with that before you do anything else!

There's a reason why dirty windows are disgusting. Not only it is a terrible sight to see, but it is also a hotspot for germs and bacteria - a visible one! People touch windows all the time and not necessarily with clean hands. Dirty windows are a sign of a dirty office. And you can only thoroughly clean them when nobody is around to touch them!

Finally, get to it and get some professional window cleaners that will clean the outside of your building as well as the windows on the inside. 

2. Upholstery cleaning

When someone walks into a building with dirty windows, it's not the end of the world. You can easily not touch windows and avoid them at all times. What you cannot possibly avoid are chairs, especially in a business environment!

Let's say you go into an office to decide whether you want to have a business relationship with the people working there or not. You spend five minutes in a room only to notice the leather seats you're sitting on are dirty - because they haven't been cleaned in a long time! Are you willing to risk it with people who don't care about the very things they own?

Fine leather seats are a great way to signal success - as long as you take care of them.

3. Carpet cleaning

Carpets are a tricky thing. They look phenomenal and are a great investment - as long as you keep them clean. Otherwise, they are a hotspot for bacteria, disease, and other nasty things you don't want near you.

It might not seem like it right away, but if there's one place in the office where dirt will accumulate, it's on your carpet. One day you have a pristine-looking floor and the next you're walking on filth! The dirt and bacteria will remain on your carpet and travel through the air into people's lungs. It's dangerous!

Needless to say, unclean carpets can easily go past the point of no return, and replacing them isn't cheap!

4. AC maintenance and filter cleaning

Believe it or not, dirty filters are a health hazard. They can damage your lungs permanently. A poorly-working air conditioner can harm you as well. And that's why you need to get ahead of maintenance and AC filter cleaning before anything bad happens!

Not only that, but studies show poor air quality can hinder your workers' performance and kill your company's productivity. You can get ahead of this by simply taking care of your AC units when your workers leave the office!

5. Kitchen cleaning

If there's one place that must be kept spotless, it's the kitchen. There are no complicated reasons why - it's simply because people eat there. And of course, since people eat there, they keep food there as well.

Food can rot and generate foul smell - such a terrible smell can travel through the office. On the other hand, different types of foods can cross-contaminate each other, unless the kitchen is clean and well-maintained. Ovens are often overlooked and accumulate bits and pieces of food.

A dirty kitchen brings no benefit whatsoever and at a great cost. And it's certainly not enough to rinse the plates alone!


6. Disinfecting the office

We often don't realize what's going on around the office because we cannot see it - I'm not talking about anything secret, I'm talking about bacteria and germs!

People face and battle against these nasty, tiny elements daily - and we carry them with us as well. Every time someone turns a doorknob, opens a window, or touches anything at all, he is both taking and leaving some germs from that spot!

There's no way to prevent people from bringing bacteria from outside into your office, but you can always disinfect the place - and you should do it on a regular basis. That's one thing most office managers overlook the most and it's a crucial aspect of a clean, healthy environment all the more with Covid-19 being on everyone’s mind. Some commercial cleaning companies will offer sanitisation services meant to curb this virus.


7. Fixing the heavy stuff

Every office space in the world needs a little fixing every once in a while. Replacing a carpet, fixing faulty electronics, dealing with a plumbing issue - you name it! There are a lot of things going on at the office, which means a lot of things can go wrong.

When you have to deal with such a thing, you cannot do it while people are working. You will kill their concentration, their will-to-work, and their productivity. You have to deal with this kind of thing after 5 pm!

It is tempting to leave things the way they are, that's the truth. But, unfortunately, a small problem builds on itself over time and a clogged toilet might end up shutting down an entire bathroom - you need to fix it before it's bad!


8. Changing things up

Your office space also needs a little bit of a change every once in a while. A paint job, a new carpet, even something as little as adding new plants into the place can disturb the people working. That's why it must be done after working hours - especially if you keep in mind there's cleaning to do after the work is done!

These 8 things are not only necessary to do, but they are game-changers if done properly! But they should always be done after the workers are out of the office. Otherwise, you can interrupt the process altogether!

Now, you might think you don't need any of this - but are you willing to risk it? Taking care of hygiene is extremely important. More so than ever in this day and age, after the 2020 pandemic.

A clean environment is a healthy environment. Make sure your workers are sharing an healthy office space and take care of these must-do things now!

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