SWTOR subscriptions begin to drop dramatically

Posted by swtorcredits on December 21st, 2012

Doug Creutz, Cowen and Company consultant, predicted that SWTOR would lose at least 500 thousand subscribers in a year, which came true much earlier than expected, as EA revealed that the MMO active players were reduced to 1.3 million. This decline of 400 thousand subscribers represents almost a quarter of those who had the best time in the game, when they numbered 1.7 million active users. EA explains that the decline is due to neglect and casual players who choose not to test to renew your subscription to the game.

BioWare is aware of these low and now working on a new update of the game called Allies, of which all that is known is that it will be launched in late June. The developer also is devoting much of its resources to improve the current contents of SWTOR, especially in the area of PvP, as they had underestimated his popularity in the MMO.

After this announcement, users created a forum topic SWTOR to suggest what could change the game, and one of the most common complaints is that BioWare is focusing on making the game easier to make it more accessible to casual players, which causes the most experienced and get everything quickly lose interest in the lack of difficulty. Also, many of the reviews agree that it is necessary to combine several of the servers, as populations in some of them are very low, especially those focused on PvP.

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