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Get Quick Technical Solutions From AOL Customer Service

Posted by advsoftware on June 12th, 2020

AOL users sometimes experience troubles in their accounts. And in most cases, they don’t have any clue why they are facing such problems. Some users need guidance while creating an AOL account. Some users experience login issue, they need the password reset method. Some users want assistance to fix the AOL Gold Desktop installation issue. AOL Customer Service team contains truly professionals who have engaged themselves in introducing exploring several technical tricks to fix all these issues. AOL experts are eagerly waiting to listen to the users. AOL experts never sit idle until they provide satisfactory solutions to every user.

Solving AOL Gold Desktop installation issue

AOL Gold Desktop installation issue can be fixed if the users take help from the AOL Customer Service team timely. Users must uninstall the pre-installed AOL Gold version. They must have sufficient hard drive storage (at least 512mb). They must have a speedy internet connection. After that, they can go for AOL Gold Desktop installation steps which are discussed below-

  • AOL users should choose the ‘File Explorer’ icon from their desktop taskbar.
  • After that, AOL users must opt for the Downloads folder.
  • On the next step, AOL users should double click on the ’Install AOL Desktop ‘option.
  • Then, AOL users should choose the ‘’Run’’ option.
  • After that, AOL users must opt for the ‘install now’ option.

Solving AOL file attachment issue-

  • Users should check out file size and criteria (before attaching any file).
  • They should check out internet connection, server connection.
  • If the file size is large then they must compress the file size. AOL customer service will guide them in this.
  • Users also need to check out browser settings. If it is outdated then they must update it. If they use a new browser suddenly then they must check out the compatibility.
  • After doing this, if the problem persists then they must contact AOL experts immediately.

Solving AOL mail sending or receiving issue-

  • Users must type the recipient address correctly (while sending any email).
  • Sometimes, users' email addresses become marked as spam. In that case, they should check out their account with the help of AOL Customer Service team.
  • They must check out inbox storage capacity. If it is full then users must delete old, unnecessary emails from their inbox.
  • If deleting old emails are not sufficient then they must opt for cloud storage service. They must consult with AOL technical engineers about this matter.
  • Sometimes due to the hacking attack, mails can be deleted from the inbox. In that case, they must check out account security. If needed, they should change the password and after that, they should opt for attachment of files.

AOL Customer Service team is active for 24x7 hours. They are hard-working people who love to keep up the consistency of providing high-end solutions only. They never lower service standards. They always motivate the users to deal with any technical problem confidently. AOL account is one of the most user-friendly email accounts. They always prefer to meet the given deadlines.AOL experts give quick response through the toll-free helpline number to all users.

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